Shri Balajipuram Temple, Betul
Shri Balajipuram Temple, Betul

Shri Balajipuram Temple is located in the outskirts of Betul city, just beside the national highway. With 111 ft height, the temple is the highest one in Betul. The temple complex is spread across 10.5 acres.

The temple was completed, and opened for general public in the presence of Shankaracharya of all 4 dorsum, from 29th January 2001 to 4th February 2001. During this period the life ceremony of the idols were performed.

The temple was build by artists from Andhra Pradesh.

Mony Baba from Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh had meditated in this temple for 8 days. And then he informed:
– The human who pilgrimage Rukhmani Mahadev, will be blessed with the blessing equal pilgriming the Lord Mahakaal of Ujjain
– The human who pilgrimage Tirupathi Balaji, Laxmi Narayan Temple here will earn the pilgrimage equal Tirupathi Balaji.

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Mandir: 91 – 7141 – 329644, 268236

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