Siddheshwari2-194x300, Siddheshwari Temple, Varanasi
Siddheshwari2-194x300, Siddheshwari Temple, Varanasi

Siddheshwari Temple, Varanasi

Date built:
Architectural style:Dravidian architecture
Major festivalsNavratri Festival
Address:Siddheshwari Ck.7/124, Siddheshwari Mohalla. Varanasi
 Kashi Khand has prescribed Durga Devi Yatra during Navratri where devotees have been exhorted to worship Durga Devi on all the nine days of Navratri.Devotees worship Siddheshwari Devi on the 9th  day of Navratri falling in September-October.

Maa Durgas 9th form is Siddhi Dhatri. She gives all sorts of siddhi to her devotees.  There are several types of Siddhis mentioned in various Purans. According to Devi Puran, Lord  Shiva attained all the Siddhi by her blessings. His half body assumed the form of  Goddess. So he is also called Ardha Narishwar.

Maa Siddhi Dhatri has four hands. Her vehicle is Lion. She sits on a lotus flower. She has a Chakra in her lower right hand, a mace/club in her upper right hand, a conch in her lower left hand and a lotus flower in her upper left hand.

Her devotees are freed from sorrow and they get salvation after enjoying all happiness in the world.



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How to Reach:

Siddheshwari is located at Ck.7/124, Siddheshwari Mohalla.  Devotees can travel upto Chowk by rickshaw and travel on foot to this temple by asking for directions.

Siddheshwari temple also houses Chandra Koop and Chandreshwar and is a powerful Peeth called Siddh Peeth.  Siddheshwari is known as Siddhidatri Durga (bestower of Siddhies).

Devotees also visit another temple of Goddess at K.60/29, Sidhamata Galli, in the general location of Kal Bhairav on the 9th day of Navratri.

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There is a regular crowd during all Fridays and on certain important days.

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