Sri Lakshmi stotram  By Lopamudhra

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(Lopamudhra    was a very learned  sage who was  a princess who got married to Agasthya. Agasthya himself was  the God of fire-Agni , born as a man.LOpa Mudhra has contributed to the Vedas  as well as to to the Sri Vidhya worship of the Goddess .After  marriage Lopamudhra   missed her   royal comforts  and wanted Ornaments and wealth. This is a prayer by her addrseed to Goddess  Lakshmi  , who fulfilled her wishes, The goddess   has  in this stotra promised that   she would   lead  People who chant this stotra to prosperity.)

Poorva peedika

(Foreward )

1.Lopamudhra sriyaa  padhou  druthwanananm sadaram,
Vavandhe sthavanam chakre thava Lakshmi sadaa sathi

1.LOpamudhra   respectfully   ran and  fell at the feet of Goddess Lakshmi,
And  Prayed   Goddess Lakshmi  who was always virtuous by this prayer.

2.Srunu thath stavanam yena sthavakaasyurdhanasraya,
Nakasampath samayuktha thwayaa prasannasayekshitha

2.Please hear this prayer  which is intended  to make you  who is prosperous cheerful,
As  we are dependent on you  for life span  as well   as wealth.

Moola Pata
Main portion

Sri Lopa mudra uvacha

1.Mathar namami kamala padmayatha Sulochane,
Sri Vishnu hrud kamalasthe, viswamathar namosthuthe.

1.Salutations to the mother  Kamala, who is fair eyed and sits on lotus,
And who is in the lotus heart of Vishnu ,Oh mother of the world salutations

2.Ksheera sagara sath puthri Padma garbhabha sundari,
Lakshmi praseedasathatham, viswamathar namosthuthe

2.Oh great daughter of ocean of milk, who is glamorous and pretty like lotus,
Always  be kind to me, Oh Lakshmi Oh mother of the world,salutations

3.Mahendra sadane thwaam Sri, Rugmani, Krishna Bhamini,
Chandra jyothsanaa, prabha soorye, Viswa mathar namosthuthe

3.You are auspiciousness  in Indra’s home, You are Rugmani, wife of Krishna,
You  are moon light of moon and luster of sun, Oh mother of the world, salutations

4.Smithanane, Jagad dhathri, sarnye Sukha vardini,
Jatha vedasi dahane, Viswamathar namosthuthe

4.Goddess with a smiling face, mother of the world, she who protects, She who increases pleasure,
She who can burn fire, Oh mother of the world salutations

5,Brahmani, thwam sarjanasi vishnou, thwam poshika sadhaa,
Shivou samharikaa Sakthi, Viswa mathar namosthuthe,

5.Like Brahma  you create,  like Vishu, you always take care,
And you  destroy like Shiva, Oh mother of the world salutations

6.Thwayaa soora gunee, vijnaa, dhanyaa, maanyaa, kuleenakaa,
Kala sheela, kala padyou, Viswamathar namosthuthe

6.You  are valorous,  wise, blessed respected and have great heritage,
Art is your habit and Art  is your feet, Oh mother of world salutations .

7.Thwayaa Gaja thurangascha sthrainasthruna sara sadaa,
Devo gruham kaNa Sreshtaa, Viswamathar namosthuthe

7,Due to  you elephants and horses have always feminine quality spread over,
And the homes  of devas  great in every drop, Oh mother of world salutations

8.Thwayaa  Pakshi pasu sayya rathnam Pruthwi naro vadhu,
Sreshtaa Shuddha Mahalakshmi, Viswamathar namosthuthe

8.Oh Mahalalakshmi due to you, bird, animals, bed, gems earth, brides of men,
Are  pure   and very great, Oh mother of world salutations

9.Lakshmi, Sri Kamale, Padme, Rame, Padmodhbhave, sathi,
Abdhije Vishnu Pathni, thwam praseeda sathatham priye

9.Oh Lakshmi, Oh Kamala, Oh Padma, Oh Rema, Oh lotus born, Oh Sathi,
Oh ocean born, Oh Consort of Vishnu, Oh dear one, always be pleased   with me.

Phala Sruthi

1.Ithi sthuthaa prasannaa cha Sriruvacha pathivruthaam,
Lopamudhre mune jaana vaam yath hruthapa karanam

1. After hearing this The pleased Goddess Lakshmi spoke,
Oh  Sage Lopamudra , may I know the reason for the pain in your heart

2.Suchethanam dunothyeva  Kasi visleshajo anala,
Yuvaam Varanasin prapya snigdham prapayastha eepsithaam

2.Very notable distress was removed  in Kasi by the fire (Agasthya),
The  youthful  one   would reach Benares  and would get their desires fulfilled.

                                            Agni was cursed to be born as Agasthya

3.Ye padishyanthi math stotram Thapa Daridrya nasakam,
Ishta sampath phaladham theshaam jaya santhathi karakam

3.He who studies my prayer would get his worries and  poverty destroyed,
He   would get the desired wealth and he would attain victory and get children

  1. Mama saannidhyadham Bala, grahadhi vyadhi nasanam,
    Bhavishyathi mama saroopayaadhi  pramokshanam thadhaa
  1. My presence there would destroy sickness of children caused by planets,
    And due to my  personal presence there  he would get out of all his problems,
    Sri Lakshmi Narayana Samhithayam Sri Lopamudhra krutha Sri Lakshmi stotram

The prayer  to Lakshmi composed  by Lopamudhra occurring in Lakshmi Narayana samhitha.

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