Swarlineshwar2-300x225, Swarleeneshwar Temple, Varanasi
Swarlineshwar2-300x225, Swarleeneshwar Temple, Varanasi

Swarleeneshwar Temple, Varanasi

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Architectural style:Hindu Temple architecture
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Out of various Yatras prescribed for Kashi Devotees, Swarleeneshwar Ling forms a part of third Fourteen Ling Yatras.  (Kashi Khand, Chapter 100).  It is mentioned that devotees should take bath in Varuna River, have darshan of Shaileshwar, then take bath in Varuna Ganga Sangam (Confluence), have darshan of Sangameshwar.

After the above rituals, they are advised to take bath in Swarleen Teerth (Pond) and have darshan of Swarleeneshwar.

In Kashi Khand, Chapter 33, Swarleeneshwar Ling is described where Lord Shiva has become immersed in this Ling to fulfil  the desires of his devotees.


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The temple is located at A-11/30, Naya Mahadev, Panchagni Akhada, Rajghat. It is approachable by Road where devotees can travel upto Prahlad Ghat Chauraha by Rickshaw and then on foot. Alternatively, they can take a boat ride upto Rajghat (Panchagni Akhada Ghat) and climb the steps.

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