Sambhalheda Panchmukhi Shivling, Muzaffarnagar

This temple is as old as Pashupatinath temple at Nepal.Having very beautiful panchmukhi Shivling made by very costly stone Kasauti. statue of Ma Ganga, Ganesh Gauri, Laxmi-Narayan and Garun devata also seen in this temple.It is situated at village Sambhalheda (a very small village) of distt. Muzaffarnagar (Uttar-Pradesh). Architecture Legend / Local stories Photo Gallery … Read more Sambhalheda Panchmukhi Shivling, Muzaffarnagar

Van Devi Mandir, Mau

District approximately 12 kilometers away from the headquarters is located in the picturesque and idyllic surroundings of nature southwest vanadevee temple leaders mother Sita Mata. Today it is the focal point of attraction for devotees. Vanadevee temple is also a source of inspiration for the mythical and cultural values ​​as well as their natural dignity. Based on legends … Read more Van Devi Mandir, Mau

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