Vadhiraja krutha  Hayagreeva  Stotram



1,Hayagreeva, Hayagreeva, Hayagreevethi  vadhinam,
Nare  munchanthi papni daridram iva goshitha

1.The person  who chants Hayagreeva, Hayagreeva, Hayagreeva,
Would  escape from  sin, poverty, so has  been told.

  1. Hayagreeva, Hayagreeva, Hayagreevethi yo vadeth,
    Thasya nissarathe vaani  jahnu kanya pravahavath

2.When a person tells  Hayagreeva, Hayagreeva, Hayagreeva,
Goddess Saraswathi would flow in to him  just like the  flow of ganges.

  1. Hayagreeva, Hayagreeva, Hayagreevethi yo dwani,
    Visobathe cha  vaikunta kavatodhghatana  kshama.

3.The sound  of Hayagreeva, Hayagreeva, Hayagreeva,
Would make one shine and open the doors of Vaikunta for him.

4.Slokathrayamidham punyam Hayagreeva padangidham,
Vadhiraja yathiproktham patadham sampadhaam  padham.

4.These three  blessed  verses  which are ornamented with the word Hayagreeva,
Composed by sage Vadhi Raja , if read   would lead to all prosperity.

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