Embar_temple, Vaikuntha Perumal Embar Temple, Maduramangalam, Sriperumpudur, Kanchipuram
Embar_temple, Vaikuntha Perumal Embar Temple, Maduramangalam, Sriperumpudur, Kanchipuram

Vaikuntha Perumal Embar Temple, Maduramangalam, Sriperumpudur, Kanchipuram

Date built:
Deity:Vaikuntha Perumal Embar
Architectural style:Dravidian architecture
Major festivals
Locale:Maduramangalam, Sriperumpudur
Address:Arulmigu Vaikunta Perumal & Arulmigu Embar Samy Thirukoil,
Maduramangalam, Sriperumpudur,Kanchipuram – 602105
 Vaikuntha Perumal Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu located at Maduramangalam Village near Sriperumpudur in Kanchipuram District of Tamilnadu. This Temple is also called as Embar Temple. In olden days Maduramangalam was known as Mazalaimangalam. This temple is more than a 1000 years old and is said to have been built by a Thondaimandala king called Suparna. This temple follows Thenkalai Tradition and Agamam is Vaikhanasa. Maduramangalam is the avatar sthalam of Embar. Embar gives Dharsan wearing a pendant given by Sri Udayavar.
It was Sri Embar who saved Sri Ramanujar’s life when Yadava Prakasha tried to kill the latter due to difference of opinion over the teachings. After following Shaivism for some time, Sri Embar came back as Sri Ramanujar’s disciple and followed Vaishnavism till the end. He was the one who taught Parasar Bhattar the teachings of Sri Ramanuja to make him Udayavar’s successor.


Legend / Local stories

Life Story of Embar:

An Amsam of Garudalwar incarnated as first son of Kamalanayana Bhattar and Srimathi Periya Pirattiyaar in Krothana Nama year, Thai Month, Punarvasu Nakshatram at a sacred place called Maduramangalam, also called as Then Madhura. He was named as Govinda Dhasar and he had a younger brother named Siriya Govinda Perumal. Sri Embar was related to Ramanuja, as his cousin brother and had great Bhakthi and regard for him. Both Ramanuja and Embar were initially learning Vedantha under an Advaitha Acharya named Yadhava Prakasha.

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On many occasions arose when the Saivite Guru clashed with Ramanuja, when the Guru misinterpreted Vedantic statements. Ramanuja fearlessly pointed out the errors in the Guru’s interpretations and corrected him. This enraged the Guru. Fearing that one day, Ramanuja would demolish Advaita philosophy, he plotted to kill Ramanuja and hence he planned a pilgrimage to Kashi, thinking that they can kill Ramanuja on the way in the forest and clear the sin by taking a holy dip in Ganga.

At this point of time Embar somehow came to know about his master’s evil plan and saved Ramanuja’s life. Embar was a Shiva Bhaktha earlier in his life and later accepted Srivaishnavism due to the intervention of Sri Ramanuja and Sri Thirumalai Nambigal and became a great Acharya. He was given the title of “Embar” by Sri Ramanuja himself. Embar is the shortened version of the term Emperumaanar. Sri Embar is referred to as the “Ramanuja padhachhaaya” (shadow of the lotus feet of Bhagavath Ramanuja).


Lord gave Pradhakshinam for Saptha Rishis who performed Aswamedha Yaga and Suparna Maharaja the ruler of Thondai Mandalam.

Embar, an Incarnation of Garuda:

Sri Embar is believed to be an incarnation of Garuda, for which reason the Pushkarini is called Garuda Pushkarini. The villagers firmly believe that poisonous snakes will not harm them.

The presiding deity of the temple is Sri Vaikuntha perumal with his consorts Sridevi and Bhoomi Devi Thayar facing East direction. There is a separate Sannadhi for Sri Kamalavalli Thayar in sitting position facing East direction. The place is the Avathara sthalam of Sri Ramanujar’s first cousin Sri Embar. They both were students of Sri Yadavaprakashar at Thiruputkuzhi. Sri Embar gives Dharsan wearing a pendant given by Sri Udayavar. The temple tank is called Garuda pushkarani. The utsavamurti is the Aradhana Murthi of Embar.

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Temple Opening Time

The temple is open from 6 am to 12 noon and from 4 pm to 8.30 pm in the evenings.

Pooja Timings

Every day three times pooja is conducted. Every Saturday the Moolavar is decorated with flower in different “avathaarams”.

Pooja NameTimings
Viswaroopa Pooja06. 30 AM
Kaala Shanthi Pooja07.00 AM
Uchchi Kaala Pooja09.00 AM
Sayaratchi Pooja05.30 PM
Raakkaala Pooja07.00 PM
Aravanai Pooja08.30 PM


  • Brahmotsavam in the month of Chitrai – 10 days
  • Pavitrotstsava in the Month of Avani
  • Navarathri in the month of Purattasi
  • Vaikunta Ekadesi in the month of Margazhi
  • Avathara Usthavam of Swamy Embar in the Month of Thai (10 days) and it concludes on the Janma Nakshtra – Punarvasu
  • Every Tamil Month Embar’s birth star Punarvasu


The temple is said to be a Prarthana sthalam for childless couples. It is said if Issueless couple come to Maduramangalam, then get the Kozhukkattai prepared and offer it to Vaikuntha Perumal, then to Garudan and last to Embar Swamy, and then they partake Kozhukkattai they will be blessed with issues (It is said Embar is the Amsam of Periya Thiruvadi a.k.a Vynatheyan). Then it is also said any sort of eye aliments gets cured if you pray to Embar swamy and light the Ghee lamp.

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How to Reach:

The temple is about 60 kms from Chennai and around 20 kms from Sriperumpudur & 7 Kms from Sunguvar Chatiram.

By Road:

Coming from Chennai on the Bangalore highway, take a right towards Sunguvar Chatram. Then take a right at the Vinayagar temple to reach Maduramangalam via Maduramangalam road.

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The Central Bus Stand is just two kilometer away from the Temple.

Bus NumberRoute
76 CKoyambedu To Sriperumpudur
576 AC VehicleT.Nagar To Sriperumpudur
576 Ac /Non ACKoyambedu To Sriperumpudur
S583Tambaram To Sriperumpudur
S583BTambaram To Perambakkam
S583DTambaram To Sriperumpudur
S583CTambaram To Sriperumpudur

By Train:

Chennai is well connected from the cities/towns all over India.

By Air:

Chennai has both national and international airports.

Contact Details

Arulmigu Vaikunta Perumal & Arulmigu Embar Samy Thirukoil,
Maduramangalam, Sriperumpudur,
Kanchipuram – 602105
Phone: +91 44 – 27162236
Mobile: +91 – 9444898548

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