Pahari Mandir, Ranchi
Pahari Mandir, Ranchi

Pahari Mandir, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Pahari Mandir is located at 2140 feet on a tip of hill in Ranchi city. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. A beautiful lake makes the view from temple truly mesmerising. This is the only temple where Indian flag hoisted every year on republic day.

Shiva Linga – Ranchi Pahari Mandir

The Ranchi lake was excavated by Colonel Onsely in 1842. The devotees climb 468 steps to reach the temple.

Colonel Onsely


Lare number of people come here during Shivaratri, usually in the month of February, and then in October/November during Navaratri. Locally the Lord is popularly known as Pahari Baba. During Shravan time, the devotees offer Jal (Dhara) to Lord Shiva and the Shravan season is a major draw for visitors.

Shiva Linga – Ranchi Pahari Mandir2

The hillock is called as known as Richi Buru. This hill was earlier known as Phansi Tongri as it was the place where freedom fighters were hanged to death. To remember the importance of this important hill in the freedom movement, the tricolour flag is unfurled on the Independence Days and Republic days.

Ancient Save
The Shivaling
The 300+ stairs leading to the temple

How to reach

The temple is located just 7 km from Ranchi Railway Station.

Other Temples

The temple has 7 other temples inside its campus. And they are

  1. Lord Shiva Temple (भगवान शिव मंदिर)

    Lord Shiva Temple, Pahari Mandir, Ranchi

  2. Mahakaal Mandir (महाकाल मंदिर)

    Mahakal Mandir, Pahari Mandir, Ranchi

  3. Kali Mandir (काली मंदिर)

    Kali Mandir, Pahari Mandir, Ranchi

  4. Vishwanath Mandir (विश्वनाथ मंदिर)

    Vishwanath Temple, Pahari Mandir, Ranchi

  5. Shri Hanuman Mandir हनुमान मंदिर

    Hanuman Mandir, Pahari Mandir, Ranchi

  6. Durga Mata Mandir (दुर्गा मंदिर)

    Durga Mata Mandir, Pahari Mandir, Ranchi

  7. Naag Mandir (नाग मंदिर)

    Naag Mandir, Pahari Mandir, Ranchi

Official Address

Ranchi Pahari Mandir Vikas Samiti
Pahari Mandir, Ratu Road,
Ranchi – Jharkhand – India.


Official Website:

2017 Republic Day Celebration at Pahari Mandir, Ranchi

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