maxresdefault (37), Sannihit Sarovar, Kurukshetra, Haryana
maxresdefault (37), Sannihit Sarovar, Kurukshetra, Haryana

Sannihit Sarovar, Kurukshetra, Haryana

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Sannihit Sarovar is a sacred water reservoir in Thanesar in Kurukshetra district. It is believed to be the meeting point of seven sacred Sarasvatis.The sarovar, according to popular belief, contains sacred water. Bathing in the waters of the tank on the day of Amavasya (night of complete darkness) or on the day of an eclipse bestows blessings equivalent to performing the ashvamedh yajna.

Bathing in this sarovar is believed to offer peace to wandering and unhappy souls. Prayers and pind daan, a memorial service for the dead, is performed here. The Hindu genealogy registers at Kurukshetra, Haryana are kept here. Alongside the sarovar are small shrines dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Dhruv Narayan, Laxmi Narayan, Dhruv Bhagat, Sri Hanuman and Goddess Durga. The Sannihit Sarovar is believed to be the abode of Lord Vishnu.



Legend / Local stories

Hundreds of years ago, the holy waters of all the land felt burdened by washed off sins of man. They sought help from the court of the Lord. They thus spoke, “Man, absolves himself of all sins by taking a dip in our waters. It is we who have to bear burden of their sins. O Lord, master of all, show us a way to get rid of these sins.” At this the Lord said, “On the days of new moon, ‘Amavasya’ (night of complete darkness) or on the days of eclipse, if you all collect in the waters of Sannihit tank, your sins will be absolved”. Ever since, it is believed that bathing in the waters of this holy tank on these days brings one the advantage of performing ‘Ashvamed Yajna’. The Kumbh Mela is a major event that is related to the legend.

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According to local legends, Lord Krishna haloed status of the tank is also linked to the fact that Sannihit tank is considered to be the permanent abode ohad taken a dip in these waters after the battle of Mahabharata. That he met Radha here again, is another legend. But thef Lord Vishnu.

The Liberation From Worldly Ties
Sannihit holds special sanctity. It is the seat where the wandering souls of the unhappy dead find ‘moksha’ or release from worldly ties. Prayers and ‘pind daan’ for the unnatural deaths is recommended here. By the side of this renovated tank, lie small temples of Dhruv Narayan, Lord Vishnu, Laxmi Narayan, Dhruv Bhagat, Lord Hanuman and Mother Goddess, Durga.

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