Sri Mathru bhoothesa  Stotram(Thayumanavar  stotram) followed by

Mathru Bhootheswara  Manthra for ensuring  safe delivery.


Sage Sarama(Sarama Muni)
Translated  by

(in the  great  temple town of Trichy (Trisira  palli  found by a king called Trisira )  of Tamil Nadu, there is a temple complex consisting  of  temples  on  a rocky hill called in English as  rock fort. This rockfort according to  Hindu devotees is a part of the Mount Kailasa, which was once thrown here by a very torrential wind. So it is called Dakshina Kailasam.  The main temple in this complex  is a temple of Lord Shiva, called  Mathrubhootheswarar  in Sanskrit and  THayumanavar  in temple, It seems  there was a lady in state of advanced   state of pregnancy on the other shore  of the Cauvery  .Her mother had to cross the river   and come  to Trichy on an errand. Rathnavali developed  delivery pains   and was crying  for her mother. Since there was a sudden flood  in the river Cauvery her mother   could not reach her .According to believes , Lord Shiva took   the form of Rathnavali’s mother, assisted Rathnavali  in her delivery and then vanished. Due to this from then on the God was called  Thayumanavar (he   who  also became the mother.) He is also called Chevvandhi Nadhar as he he was  worshipped  by Sarama muni  using Chevvandhi flowers   brought from Naga  LOka. The Goddess is called  Sugandha Kundalambikai or Mattuvar Kuzhali  and has a seperatew  temple. This rarest  of the rare stotras is given in the collection of Stotras called  Jayamangala stotram by late  Sengalipuram Anantharama  Deekshithar. Please recite it daily  in the home where  any lady is expecting delivery.It is expected that   she would have a  safe delivery due to the  grace of God who also became a mother. )

1.Devam dakshina kailasam eesoktham  poorva janmani,
Sampraptha trisira sailam  punyam Saara Maha muni.

1The great Sage  Saara  reached the Kailasa  of the south,
About which he was told by  Lord Parmasiva  in his previous birth,
Which was a holy mountain with three  peaks.

2.Yadathmo paarjithe samvitha sampath phalodhayam,
Tham lingam param dandavath prana nama sa.

2.After reaching the mountain searched and attained by him,
He fell on the floor and saluted that  greatest divine linga,
Which  would lead oneself to wisdom and prosperity.

3.Sampranamya  Maha devam  tri sira  saila nayakam,
Sthothum prachakrame  vaagbhi  vaang manotheetha mishtadham.

3.After  saluting the great God   who is the of mountain with three  peaks,
He prayed to  the Lord  who is beyond mind and words and one fulfilling our desires.

4.Namo bhagawathe thubhyam, Namasthe  Shambhave sathe,
Namasthe deva devaaya, jagatham  pathaye  nama.

4.Salutations to you Oh God, Salutations to Shambu  who is the essence,
Salutations to God  of Gods, Salutations to the  Lord of entire universe.

5,Namo dakshina Kailasa parvathagra swaroopine,
Namo viswamaresaya sahasra sirase  nama.

5.Salutations to him who sits on the top of Dakshina Kailasa  mountain,
Salutations to lord  of Uiverse and devas and salutations to the thousand headed  one.

6.Namasivaya rudraya Namasthe  viswa moorthaye,
Namasthe  neelakandya Namasthe  Chandra  maulave.

6.Salutations to Shiva  who is Rudra, salutations  to  him who  has universal form,
Salutations to God who is blue necked and salutations to god who has moon on his crown.

7.Trivarga  phala dathre cha  thrayee  murthe  namo nama,
Namo jeevathmane thubhyam, Namasthe  Parmathmane

7.Oh  God who grants Dharma, Artha and Kama   and who has  three  forms  salutations,
Salutation to you  who is individual soul,Salutations to you who is the  ultimate soul

8.Jnanaika  vedhya roopaaya, veda  roopaya they  nama,
Namasthe Brahmane thubhyam Namasthe brahmesa  adithya thejase.

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8,Salutations to you who has a form which can be known by Jnana and to whom who is the form of Veda,
Salutations to you  Brahman and to you who is God of Brahma  and the luster of the sun.

9,Dikkaladhya  parichedhya mahimne, manthra  roopine,
Sathe asathe namo vidhyaa swaroopaya  vedhase,

9.Salutations to him who is the form of Manthras, who is beyond  directions and time.,
Salutations   to him  who is good who is imperishable, who is the form of  learning andwho is studied by Vedas.

10.Nithyaya nithyam bhakthathma  vaasine, vara  dhayine,
Namasthubhyam sadachara sanmarga sthapakaya cha.

10.Salutations to you who is forever, who lives  in the minds of devotees   for ever and one s grants boons,
And I also salute him who  established good rituals  and good  path also.

11,Aadhi madhyantha soonyaya sadhithakhila  karmane,
Chandaaya chanda Kodanda  dharine harine  nama.

11.Salutations to him who does not have beginning, middle and end to him who achieve results to all actions,
Who is angry with evil people, who holds the Kodanda and who is  Hari.

12.Vrushadwajaya vandhyaya namo veeraya sooline,
Smasana vaasine charma vasine vara dhayine.

12.Salutations to lord having  bull in the flag, who is fit to be saluted, who is a hero, who holds the  trident,
Who lives in the cremation ground, who wears  the tiger’s hide and who grants   boons.

13.Aksharaaya, aksha roopaaya yakshesa priya bandhave,
Dakshathdwara vinasaika sikshanaaya namo nama.

13.Salutations to the deathless one,who has form of alphabets, who is the dear friend of  Khubera,
Who taught  the devas for destroying the  yajna of the Daksha.

14,Gowreesaaya, gireesaaya namo giri vaasine,
Nagendra priya bhooshaa bhootha vaasaya bhoo bruthe.

14.Salutation to Lord  of Gauri  who is the lord of mountain, who lives on the mountain,
Who wears the serpent king with love, who lives in all beings and who lifts the earth.

15.Sathyathilakshana bruthe, sthoola sookshmaayathe nama,
Ugraya santha roopaya bargaayaparameshtine.

15.Salutations to  lord who has properties  of characters like truth, who can become huge or tiny,
Who can have  angry and peaceful form, who destroys sins and is the greatest god.

16.Namo pararkhya saadhyaya, paramartha swaroopine,
Hiranya  garbha  pramukhai poojyaya puradahine,

16.Salutations to him who can be  reached by  great prayers, Who is the form of divine  truth,
Who is worshipped  by  Brahma   and others and who destroyed the  three  cities.

17.Purandhraadji poojyaya puruhoothayuthe  nama,
Viswaya, viswa samharthre vibhoodhi  thraya  kaarine,

17.Salutations   to him worshipped by Indra  and others, who has  the form of Indra,
Who is the world, who is the  destroyer  of  the world, and who creates, upkeeps and destroys.

18.Namasthe yogi gamyaya yoga sath phala dhayine,
Sarveswaraya, sarvaaya Chandra sooryagni chakshushe.

18.Salutations to him who can be attained by Yogis, who gives good results to yogic practice,
Who   is the God of all, who is the form of the universe and who has moon, sun and  fire as eyes.

19.Kaamaya, kama roopaya, kama dathre namo nama,
Kala swaroopine naumi kala garvapa haarine.

19.Salutaions to one who is desirable, who is a desirable form, who gives what one desires,
Who has  the form of time and who destroyed   the  pride of God of death  .

20.Ananda thandavasaktha chethase they namo nama,
Apaaravaara samsara sagaroththaranaaya nama.

20.Salutations to one who likes the  great male dance of joy,
And who is the one who saves us from the shore less ocean of samsara.

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21.Namo bhaktha maha moha mahaa medhayathe  nama,
Sudurlabhaya abhakthaanaam sad Bhakthi sulabhaya  cha.

21.Salutations to him who has the great capacity  to fulfill great desires of devotees,
Who cannot be reached by people  without devotion and  who can be  easily attained by devotees.

22.Nadhaya, nadha roopaaya Namasthe meru thanvane,
Sangine sanga heenaaya sadaa  sama priyaya cha.

22.Salutation to the lord who is the form of music, who uses meru mountain as bow,
Who moves in society of  devotees, who does not have a group and who loves  Sama  Veda.

23.Mahathmane, varenyaya mahathaam mahathe  nama,
Sthanave deergathapase sarvaavasthathma roopine  nama.

23.Salutation to the Lord who is great, chosen and  greater than the greatest,
Salutation to the  Lord who is stable, who did long penance and who has a form suitable   to every condition.

24,Sarva shakthi swaroopaya, sankaraya nama sadaa,
Amithaya agraganyaya samithamara  vairine.

24.Salutations always  to the lord, who has a form which is powerful, who is peaceful,
Who is immesurable, who is the top and who defeats enemies of devas.

25,Viswadhikaaya rudraaya viswa  bhootha antharathmane,
Sanmano vasine sarva mangala pathaye nama.

25.Salutations to the angry one who is  greater  than universe, who lives as the inner soul  of all beings Who lives  in the  mind of  the good and who is the  consort of Goddess Parvathi, who is auspicious.

26.Panchakshara swaroopaya nama panchamukhayathe,
Sugandhi kunthalaa Bhakthi sampoojitha  nijangraye.

26.Salutations to the Lord who has five letted chant, who has  five faces,
And who is  worshipped by Goddess  with scented hair with devotion.

27.Grudra rajarchitha sriman nama saptha rishi   sevitha,
Aaradhithaaya devaischa mathrumisapthapi sadaa.

27.Salutations to the Lord worshipped by Jatayu, who is prosperous, who is served  by Saptha Rishis,
Who  is worshipped by devas   and seven mother  goddesses.

28.Thejodhikair muni ganair, ganendra  sevithaaya cha,
Namasthe deva devesa, naga kanyarchithaya cha.

28, Salutations to Lord who is worshipped by  sages with luster,Who is served by leaders of Bhootha ganas,
Who is the God of devas and who is worshipped  by serpent  maidens.

  1. Namo Bhagawathe thubhyam, Namasthe shuddha  vigraha,
    Gandharwo uraga sidhaischa sadhyair yogibireva cha.

29.Salutations to you Oh God  who is purity personified,
And who is fit to be sought by Gandhawas, Uragas, Sidhas, Sadhyas and yogis.

30.Maha muneendrai ishtartha sidhi hetho samarchitha,
Nama  trisirase ghora thapa prathyaksha  karine.

30.Salutations to the Lord who  was worshipped by great sages  for fulfillment  of their objectives
And who appeared  before the three  headed one after very great penance.

31.Thathkalipthaalapadhyoru sathkara vibhavaya cha,
Paschathadhakhyaa  poorvathmaa nama  vikhyadhi meeyushe.

31.Salutations to the Lord who  has  all the offerings  made by that  Trisiras,
And who added his name before his own  and became  very famous

32.Sa sita lakshmanenapi  sa Sugreeva hanumathaa,
Ramenyabhi archithaayasu samitha amara vairine.

32.Salutations to the Lord   who was worshipped by  Sita  , Lakshmana, Sugreeva ,

Hanuman and Lord Rama and  who  destroyed   the enemies  of devas.

33.Bhoo pradakshina sampraptha partha sampoojithaya  cha,

Bramarairapi sad bhakthaa samsevitha  padaya   cha.

33.Salutation to the Lord who was worshipped by Arjuna   after going round the world,

And who has   feet that are worshipped   with devotion by   bees.

34.Chanda roopaya chandathma  vapushe akhanda  roopine,

Guru manthra  swaroopaya  swayam vedhyayathe  nama.

34,Salutations to the lord who is furios, who has a very angry form , who has a limitless  form,

Who is the form of teacher   and manthras and who   is someone who can know himself.

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35.Deva thwameva, devaadhyaa  sruthi mrugya sanathana,

Na dwithiyoshti  deveshu  sarveshu bhavathaa   sama.

35.Oh God , you are  the primeval God , the beginning less  one   searched by the Vedas,

There  is none second to you and among  devas no oe is equal to you.

36.Uthpathi sthithi naasadhi  karmaini jagathaam pathe  ,

THaani trimoorthyaa lokasya  pravarthanthe thadajnayaa.

36.Oh Lord of the universe, the act  of creation, upkeep and destruction,

Are  carried out by the   divine trinity     as  per the  orders  of yours.

37.Bahudhaa vipra bhinnakhyaa  yasthu santhu  hi devathaa,

Thwad Bhakthi rajju  samprothaa cheshtanthe   sruthi gamyatha.

37.Just like   the Brahmins   are  of different types , so are the devas,

But they  being threadedby  the rope of devotion  to you, do their work   according to Vedas.

38.THejasaam trithayam yascha sooryendvagni  samahvayam,

THwad thejasaiva badyethath  , sarveshaam thejasaam  nidhe.

38.Oh Lord who is the home  of all luster, the great bodies of luster  ,

Namely   sun, moon and the fire get their luster from you  , Oh treasure of all luster.

39.Bhooriyam bhavatha peetam rodhasthyantharam   vapu  ,

Gaganam bhavatha kesa viswaroopa namo  nama.

39.The earth is your seat, the place between Earth and  space  is your body,

And the  sky is   your  hair and  salutations to you  who is like  that.

40.Srushtaa brahmedhi ke chithwaam  rakshithaa  haririthyapi,

Samharhaa  Rudraa ithyaahu sathyam jananthinaiva they.

40.Some people claim that they are Brahma is the creator, Vishnu the protector,

And   the  Rudra   who destroys but they are  the ones  who do not  the truth.

41.Jagatha pralayoyasthu sa they nidhredhi  khadhyathe,
Sambhavoyam trijagathaam samprabodho maharshibhi.

41.The great sages say  that the  final deluge  is your sleep,
And the   creation of this universe is your  wakeful state.

42.Devaa apivichinvanthi thwam adhyaapi hi sarvasaa,
Aprameyam  kadham thwaaham sthothum chaknomi mandhadhi.

  1. Even Devas are searching for you now and in spite of that,
    Oh God of all , how can I who is a fool, be able to praise you who is immesuarable.

43.Imaa Bhakthi giro hrudhyaa  santhu may bhaktha  vathsala,
riyaa  kalbarbhakam baalaa  pithror  vathsalya nignayo.

43.Oh God who  has a heart filled with love towards   devotees,
Though   the babies prattle, due to affection the parents find it attractive,
And similarly  let these  prayers become attractive to you.

44.Ithi sthuthwaa  muni sthuthyam Trisaila nayakam,
Sarvopacharai sampoojaam  kurvam sthathraa vas siram.

44.This way  the sage  praised  the Lord of the mountain with three peaks,
And worshipped   him following all  rituals and lived there  for a long  time.

Sri Mathru bhoothesa stotram sampoornam

Thus ends the prayer addressed to the  God who became  the mother (Thaymanavar)
Slokas to be recited eleven times  praying  for safe delivery  to Thayumanavar:-

1.Mathru boodeswaro devo
Bakthanaa mishta Dhayaka
Sukanthi kunthala naavaha
Suka Prasava Mrichchathuhu.

1.Oh  God Mathrubhootheswara,
Who fulfills the desires of devotees,
Who is with his consort  Sukantha Kunthalambika,
I am wishing for a safe delivery.

2.Hima vathyuththarey parthavey
Surathaa nama yakshini
Tasyaha smarana mathrena
Visalya Garpini paveth.

2.On the snow clad mountain,
There  was a Yakshini called Surathaa,
And as soon as you remember her,
One would have a  safe delivery.

3.Hey sankara smarahara
Bramahathathi natha
Man nadha samba sasi chooda
Hara thrisoolin
Shambo sukaprasavakrutha
Bhavame Dhayalo
Shri mathrubootha Siva palayamam namasthey.

3.Oh Sankara, killer of God of love,
The  lord of the   entire  universe,
My Lord  Samba, who wears  the moon,
Oh Lord Shiva with the trident,
Oh Shambhu help me get a safe delivery, Oh merciful one,
Oh Lord Shiva who took the form of a mother  protect me, My salutations.

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