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(Sudarshana is the holy wheel which Lord Vishnu uses as his chief weapon.There is a story that the daughter of Viswa Karma, who was the architect of the God’s, was married to the sun God and she left him because of his immense heat. It seems Viswa Karma put Sun God in a cage and churned him to reduce his heat. The heat was reduced and Sudarshana Chakra, Trishoola and Shakthi, respectively the weapons of Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Subrhamnya were born out of the churning. Sudarshana Chakra is given the status of God by the followers of Ramanujacharya. He being a prime devotee is called the Chakrathazhwar. (Sage of the wheel) and worshipped by Vaishnavas  and this powerful armour is addressed to  God Sudarshana)

1.Sudarshana mahajwala praseedha  Jagatha  pathe,
Thejo raase praseedha thwam  koti surya amitha  prabha

1.Be pleased with me Oh Sudarshana of great luster who is the lord of the universe,
Oh shining one  who has luster  more than one crore suns, be pleased with me

2.Ajnana  thimira dwamsin, praseedha  paramadbutha,
Sudarshana namosthesthu, devaanaam thvam sudarshana

2.Oh destroyer of cataract of ignorance, be pleased oh  greatly wonderful one,
I salute the Sudarshana and say You are great looking among the devas.

3.Asuraanaam sudurdasa, Pisaachaanaam bhayamkara,
Panchakaya  namasthesthu, sarveshaam api thejasaam.

3.You are the cause of suffering to Asuras and fearsome  to all ghosts,
Salutations  to the fifth one who is more lustrous  than everything.

4.Santhaanaam api saanthaaya ghoraaya chathurathmanaam,
Chakraaya chakra roopaaya, parachakrayyaya maayine.

4.Most peaceful among the peaceful, you are terrible for the cunning beings,
Oh Chakra who has the form of the wheel  who is the illusory army in motion

5.Hethaye hethi roopaaya, heethinaam pathaye  nama,
Kaalaaya kaala roopaaya  kala chakraaya they nama.

5.Oh  ray of the sun, who has the form of sun and who is  the lord of all flame weapons,
Of exterminator who has the form of God of death, My salutations to the wheel of time.

6.Ugraya chogra roopaaya, krutholkkaya namo nama,
Sahasraraya sooraaya sahasrakshaya they nama

6.Who furious one who has the form of fury, salutations to one who causes  fiery phenomenon,
Oh Sun with thousand rays, I salute the one with   thousand eyes.

7.Sahasrakshaathi poojyaya, sahasra sirase nama,
Jyothir mandala roopaaya, jagatrithaya dharine.

7.oh most  honorable one among the thousand eyed, I salute  you with thousand heads,
Oh Lord who has form similar to lustrous zone, who takes the form of three  worlds

8.Trinethraaya trayeedhamne namostheshtu triroopine,
Thwam yajnathwam vashatkara thwam, brahma thwam prajapathi.

8.Oh lord with three eyes and three phases, I salute you who has three forms,
You are sacrificial fire, You are the sound “Vashat”, you are the creator Lord Brahma

9.Thwameva vahni sthwam soorya, thwam vayu thwam  visampathi,
Aadhimadhyantha soonyaya nabhi chakraaya they nama.

9.You are the fire, you are the Sun,  you are the wind, you are  the lord  of all those who protect,
You are one without beginning end and the middle, Salutations to you who is the wheel  of the navel

10.Jnana Vijnana roopaaya dhyanadhyeya swaroopine,
Chidananda swaroopaaya, prakruthe  prathakathmane

10.You are the form of wisdom and knowledge and have the form of  that which is meditated  and he who meditates,
You have the form of divine  joy, you are nature  and soul   of that which builds,

11.Charaacharaanaam bhoothaanaam srushti sthithya antha karine,
Sarveshaam abhi bhothaanaam thwameva paramaa gathi

11.You are the one who creates, looks after and destroys moving and immobile beings,
And you are final resting place and refuge   of all   the  beings.

12.Thwayaiva sarva sarvesa, baasathe sarvam jagath,
Thwadheeyena prasaadhena Baskarosmi sudarsana

12,You are  the ultimate lord for all and by you all the world shines,
It is due to your grace that Sun happens to be  good looking.

13 Thw thejasaam prabhaavena mama thejo hatham prabho,
Bhooya samhara thejasthwam  avishahyam suraasura.

13.It is due the greatness of your luster that the luster of my pride is destroyed,
Please  reduce  your luster which  the devas and Asuras are not able to bear.

14.Thwad  prasaadaadaham bhooya, bavishyaami prabhaanvitha,
Kshamaswa they namasthesthu aparaadham krutham mayaa,
Bhaktha vathsala  sarvesa  pranamami  puna puna.

  1. Only due to the grace of your luster, I am  becoming lustrous,
    Please pardon all the mistakes committed by me as I salute you,
    Oh Lord  of all who is dear  to his devotees, I salute you again and again.

15.ithi sthutho bhanumathaa Sudarsana,
Hatha  prabeno adbutha dhama vaibhava,
Sasama dhaamnaa athisayena dhaamnaam,
Sahasra  bhanou krupayaa  prasanaa.

15.When Lord Sudarshana was prayed by Bhanumathi thus,
That one with  great abode of fame reduced his wonderful luster,

And due to the wonderful action of his,
The  thousand sun gods became pleased.

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