22_big, Vijayaraghava Perumal Temple, Puduvayal, Thiruvallur
22_big, Vijayaraghava Perumal Temple, Puduvayal, Thiruvallur

Vijayaraghava Perumal Temple, Puduvayal, Thiruvallur

Date built:1200 years
Deity:Vijayaraghava Perumal
Architectural style:Tamil Temple architecture
Major festivals

Vijayaraghava Perumal Temple,Puduvayal – 601 206Thiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu

Phone-+91 44 26182143
Vijayaraghava Perumal Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu located at Puduvayal near Ponneri in Thiruvallur District of Tamilnadu. Presiding Deity is called as Vijayaraghava Perumal and Mother is called as Kamalavalli Thayar. The temple is said to be more than 1200 years old. The temple follows the Vaikhanasa Agama.


Presiding Deity is called as Vijayaraghava Perumal. Lord Vijayaraghava is housed in the sanctum in seated posture with his Consorts, Sridevi and Bhoodevi by his sides (Veetrirunda Thirukolam). He is in sitting in Bhoga asana Posture facing East. He is having four hands, holding Shanku and Chakra in two hands. In Other two hands, one is showing Abhayahastha and other one appears as if he is calling us and telling come seek refuge in me. Vimanam is Vijayakoti Vimanam.

Periya Thiruvadi (Garuda) and Siriya Thiruvadi (Anjaneyar) are found facing the sanctum and in front of the Dhwaja Sthambam. There is a small space dedicated to Vikhanasa Maharishi, the preceptor of the Vaikhanasa Agama inside the sanctum. Mother is called as Kamalavalli Thayar. There is a separate shrine for Kamalavalli Thayar. She is called Swatantra Lakshmi or Swarajya Lakshmi in her Utsavar form. Goddess Vimanam is Kamalakruti Vimanam.

There is a Shrine of Venugopala Swamy behind the sanctum inside the temple premises. He is gracing the devotees along with Rukmini and Satyabhama from the shrine. He is with four hands, Shanku and Chakra in two hands and with other two hands holding his flute. Then, at his feet is a cow is prostrating. It looks as if it is doing Saranagathi at lord’s feet. Childless Couples come here and pray to lord Venugopal and give milk as Naivedya and then they partake it and they are blessed with Children.

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There is a shrine for Andal in the Temple premises. There is a mandapam called Kalyana Mandapam with full of beautiful sculptures. Theertham associated with this Temple is Kamala Theertham and is situated exactly behind the Lord’s sanctum, again a very rare occurrence. Sthala Vriksham is Krishna Thulasi plant. This is so because of the presence of Lord Venugopala Swamy Shrine.

Legend / Local stories

Kanva Maharishi:

Sage Kanva (He is the foster father of Shakunthala of Kalidasa’s great epic) build an ashram on the Banks of Aranya River and worshipped Lord Vishnu. The temple is believed to have been commissioned by Kanva Maharishi and, therefore, is called the Sri Kanva Rishi Kshetram. Sri Kanva Maharishi is believed to have performed the Pratishthapana and Tiruvaradhana of Sri Vijayaraghava at Puduvayal. Sri Kanva Maharishi’s samadhi is believed to be somewhere in Puduvayal vicinity, on the banks of River Brahma Aranya.

Shakuntala married King Dushyanta here:

Shakuntala is said to have met and married King Dushyanta here in the Gandharva tradition. Disputes that dogged Shakuntala’s early marital life and the amnesia that afflicted King Dushyanta were settled and cured here after Shakuntala’s vow to Sri Kamalavalli Thayar was fulfilled. Shakuntala’s son, Bharat, is supposed to have been born here.

Presence of Sage Vaikasana in Sanctum:

Long ago there was a Gandharva named Sumali. He became a Demon due to curse. In the demon form, he was known as Nivdan. He used to create obstacle in the Yagnas done by sages and he used to trouble the Sages. The worried sage Kanva did penance and appeased Bramha Deva. Then Brahma told him that Sage Kashyapa who was the disciple of sage Vaikanasa was in Naimisaranya, go to him and take his advice and please Lord Vishnu. Then the Lord Veeraraghavan did the Samhara of Sumali. Due to this, Sumali got the Sapa Vimochana and Sage Kanva got the grace of Lord Vishnu. Since Sage Vaikanasa helped Sage Kanva, in token of recognition, He (Vaikanasa) is worshipped in the form of Vigraha Roopam in the Sanctum.

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Brindaranya Shetram:

This Shetram is one among the hundreds of sacred Shetram and this Shetram is known as Brindaranya Shetram now it is known as Pudhu Vayal.


Women want to get married pray to Andal of this Temple. Women who seek children and are unable to beget them are known to get children by praying to Venugopala Swamy. Thayar is famous for granting a favorable resolution of not only marital disputes but of all legal disputes. She also confers mental health and peace to all Her devotees. Vijayaraghava Perumal bestows on his devotees victory in all their undertakings. He ensures that His devotees achieve and maintain excellent physical health. Devotees who undertake vows to the Vijayaraghava Perumal temple at the Divya Desam of Thiruputkuzhi, but are unable to fulfill them there can complete their vows at Puduvayal.

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How to Reach:

This temple is located 650 meters from Puduvayal Bus Stop, 5 Kms from Kavaraippettai Railway Station, 8 Kms from Ponneri, 9 Kms from Ponneri Railway Station, 13 Kms from Cholavaram, 43 Kms from Thiruvallur, 35 Kms from Chennai and 48 Kms from Chennai Airport. The Temple is situated in North of Chennai in Chennai – Calcutta Highway. In olden days this was the route of Kashi – Rameshwaram known as Raj Pattai (Raja Markham)

Contact Details

Vijayaraghava Perumal Temple,
}Puduvayal – 601 206
Thiruvallur District,
Phone: +91 44 26182143

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