स्वे स्वे कर्मण्यभिरत: संसिद्धिं लभते नर: |

स्वकर्मनिरत: सिद्धिं यथा विन्दति तच्छृणु ||

sve sve karmaṇy abhirataḥ sansiddhiṁ labhate naraḥ
sva-karma-nirataḥ siddhiṁ yathā vindati tach chhṛiṇu



अपने-अपने स्वाभाविक कर्मों में तत्परता से लगा हुआ मनुष्य भगवत्प्राप्ति रूप परमसिद्धि को प्राप्त हो जाता है। अपने स्वाभाविक कर्म में लगा हुआ मनुष्य जिस प्रकार से कर्म करके परमसिद्धि को प्राप्त होता है, उस विधि को तू सुन॥45॥


By fulfilling their duties, born of their innate qualities, human beings can attain perfection. Now hear from me how one can become perfect by discharging one’s prescribed duties.


English Translation Of Sri Shankaracharya’s Sanskrit Commentary By Swami Gambirananda

18.45 Sve sve karmani abhiratah, being devoted to his own duty, which has different characteristics as stated above; narah, man, the person alified therefor; labhate, attains; samsiddhim, complete success, characterized as the ability for steadfastness in Knowledge, which follows from the elimination of the impurities of body and mind as a result of fulfilling his own duty. Does the complete success follow merely from the fulfilment of one’s own duty? No. How then? Srnu, hear; tat, that; yatha, as to how, through what means; sva-karma-niratah, one devoted to his own duty; vindati, acheives; siddim, success.