Indra krutha  Jambukeswara   stotram



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Devendra says:-

1.Lalata lochana jwalaa  nirdagdha  smara vigraha,
Namasthe kari charmatha vaasase, kruthi vaasase.

1.Salutation to Lord Krithivasa  who wears the hide of an elephant,
And who burnt by the flame  of his forehead eye, the God of love.

2.Yachrmaanena pathatha chakshshi  Neela lohitha,
THaddhama bhavatho nithyam sadaa pasyanthi sooradha.

2.Oh God  of coppery blue colour, while my  eyes  made  of skin are not able to see you,
Those who are detached are  able to see you daily with their eyes of wisdom.

3.Srushtyartham brahma roopa saan sthithyartham jagathamapi,
Thavaiva hara nithyoyam aathmaa Narayana para.

3.Oh Lord  hara, who took the Brahma while creating for protecting,
The worlds, you soul takes the indestructible Lord Narayana.

4.Amrutheswara bhoothesa srushti sthiyantha karana,
Yathava sthanamagam thadvishno paramam padam.

4.Oh  nectar like lord, Oh chief of Bhoothas,
oh Lord who is causeof creation, upkeep and destruction,
Your   faultless  place of stay is the  place where Lord Vishnu would attain at the end.

5.Bhathaa anthakaranambhoja vikasana karathvishe,
Amrithesa  namosthesthu rudraya sthira thanvane.

5.Salutations to lord of nectar, who has the luster,
Which makes the lotus like  mind of his devotees,
Who is very angry and one who has a stable  bow.

6.Jataa makuta nishyandharangrith sudhamsuve,
Namo amrutha swaroopaya lingaya amala thejase.

6.Salutations to that lord who wears the moon,
Which prevents the flow of Ganges from his own crown,
Who  has a nectar like Linga form and who has sublime pure luster.

7.Amaradhipa koteera nishkrushtangri saroruha,
Swabhaktha  janushe thubhyam mahase mahathe  nama.

7.Salutations to the lord whose feet was touched  by the crown of the king of Devas,
Who rose up as Linga for the sake of devotees and who  is greatly lustrous.

8.Deevyth surasura vadhu, seemantha mani rasmibhi,
Neerajitha padabjaya devaya  mahathe  nama.

8.Salutations to the great God whose lotus like feet was lit,
My the head gems worn by  the ladies of devas and asuras.

Ithi sri Padma  puraneGajaranya Mahathmye, Indra krutha stotram sampoornam.

Thus ends the  prayer of Indra which occurs  in book Gajaranya Mahath,ya which is  a part of Padma purana.

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