(This is the last chapter of Narayaneeyam. This describes the poets description of God as he saw him in front of his eyes while writing this chapter. The last line of Narayaneeyam is “Long life, Health and happiness.”)

1.Agre pasyaami thejo nibidithara kalaayaavali Lobhaneeyam,
Peeyooshaaplaavithoham  thadhanu thad udhare divya kaisora Vesham,
Thaarunaaramba ramyam parama sukha rasa swaadha romaanchithangai,
AAveetham  naaradaadairvilasad  Upanishad  sundari  mandalaischa.

1.In front of me, I see a halo of light,
As pretty as a very dense bed of blue lilies,
Which made me feel that I have been,
Drenched by a shower of the sweet nectar,
And then I saw in between that light the form of a divine lad,
Who was pretty due to the budding of adolescence,
Who was experiencing the thrill of supreme bliss,
As seen by his hair standing erect on all his limbs
Who was surrounded by Narada and other sages,
As well as by a bevy of extremely pretty damsels.

2.Neelaabham  kunchithaagram  ghanam amala tharam  samyatham  charubangyaa,
Rathnothamsaabhi ramam  valyatahamudayath, chandrakai pincha  Jaalai,
Mandhaarasrangniveetham  thava prudhuka bharee bharamaalokayeham,
Snigdhaaaswatho ardha pundramapi cha sulalithaam phaala balendhu veedhim.

2,I am seeing your big bundle of blue tresses,
Which is curly, dense, pure and pretty,
Which is tied together by a garland of Mandhara flowers,
Which is extremely pretty due to your crest jewels,
Which is encircled with a cluster of peacock feathers,
With their shining and glistening eyes,
And I also see your pretty forehead,
Comparable to the crescent moon on the fifth day,
On which there is a white vertical sandal paste.
after the new moon

3.Hrudhyam  poornanukamba arnavas  mrudhu lahari chanchala bru vilasai,
Aaneela snigdhapakshmaavali parilasitham  nethra yugmam vibhoo they,
Saandraa chayam visalaruna kamala dalaakaramaamugdha thaaram,
Kaarunyaaloka leelaa sisiritha bhuvanam, kshipyathaam mayyanadhe.

3.Oh Lord, let your eyes,which cools the entire world by its merciful looks.
Which are made more prettier by your eye bows which move,
Like the small tides of the completely filled ocean of mercy,
Which are further made prettier by the black gleaming eye lashes,
Which eyes are having the shape petals of red lotus,
And within those eyes are the extremely pretty pupils,
May be turned on me who does not have any one except you.

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4.Uthungo ullasinasam hari mani mukura prollasad gandapaalee,
Vyaalolaath karnapaasaanchitha makara manee kundala dwandwadheepram,
Unmeelad dandha pankthi sphuradarunathara cchayaa bimbadaraanthaa,
Preethiprasyandhi manda smitha  madhura tharam vakthramudbaasayantham.

4.Let me able to see clearly your very sweet face,
With a well raised and shining nose,
With the pair of shining gem ear studs
In the shape of fish worn on your pretty ears,
Whose reflection on your blue sapphire cheeks
Shines as it moves hither and thither,
And with a gentle smile between
The slightly parted red cherry lips of yours,
Revealing the sparkling rows of your white teeth .

5.Bahu dwadwena rathnaamguli valayabruthaa sona pani pravaale,
Nopaathaam  venu naalee, prasrutha nakha maypookhamgulee sanga saaraam,
Kruthwaa  vakthraravindhe sumadhura vikasadragamudbhavya maanai,
Sabdhabrahmamruthaisthwam, sisiritha  bhuvanai sincha may karna veedhim.

5.May you cool my ears with the nectarine divine music,
Consisting of very sweet and well played melodies,
Which cools the entire world , emanating from,
The holes of the flute held by your two red soft hands,
Which are decorated by the bangles inlaid with precious gems,
And which have acquired a multi coloured hue due to contact of your fingers,
And which is kept very near your lotus like face,
By the shifting touches of your radiating fingers.

6.Uthsarpath kousthubha sreethathibhirarunitham komalam kanda desam,
Vaksha sri vathsa ramyam tharala tharasamuddheptha haaraprathaanam,
Naanaa varna prasoonaavali kisalayineem  vanyamaalaam vilola.
Llolambaam lambamanaamurasi thava thadhaa baavaye rathna maalaam.

6.I meditate on your very pretty neck made red by the,
Radiating Kausthubha gem worn by you,
And also on your chest made very pretty by the Sri Vathsa,
Where you have worn several moving gem studded necklaces,
And also garlands made of multi coloured forest flowers,
As well as blossoms over which many bees hover round and round.

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7.Ange panchaangaraagai rathisaya vikasathsouraabhaa krushta lokam,
Leenaaneka trilokivithathimapi krusaam bibhratham Madhya valleem,
Sakraasmanyastha thapthojjwala kanaka nibham  peethachelam dadhaanaam,
Dhyaayaamo dheeptha rasmi sphutamani rasanaa kinkini manditham tham.

7.I meditate on you who attracts ever one by the applied fragrances,
Coming out of the five scented pastes which spreads everywhere,
Who sports a small waist though all the universes are lying there,
Who wears an yellow silk dazzling in its gold colour,
Over which are overlaid the blue sapphire stones,
And who wears the shining gem studded waist belt,
Decorated with tinkling bells emitting brilliant rays of light.

8.Ooru chaaru thavoroo bhanamasruna ruchou chitha chorou ramaayaa,
Viswakshobha, visangya dhruvamanisamubhou peetha chelaa vruthaangou,
Aanamraanaam  purasthaaannyasana dhrutha samasthaardha palee samudhga,
Cchayam  Janudhwayam  cha karma pradhulamanojna cha jange nisheve.

8.I sing about your pretty well proportioned shining thighs,
Which are capable of stealing the mind of Lakshmi,
And are always covered by yellow silk, possibly,
Out of fear that the mind of world would get agitated,
And salute your two knees which appear as if,
They are two pretty caskets, where all the things,
Which can be wished or demanded by your devotees,
Who salute you are kept stored, and also salute,
Your fleshy well tapered and pretty forelegs.

9.Manjeeram  manjunaadhai riva pada bhajanam sreya  ithyaalapantham,
Paadaagram  branthimajjath  pranatha  jana mano mandharo uddhhara  koormam,
Uthungaathamraraajan nakha rahi makara jyotsnayaa chaasrithaanaam,
Santhaapadwaanthahanthreem  thathimanu kalaye mangalaam anguleenaam.

9.I meditate on your anklets which by the sweet noise it produces,
Seems to tell your devotees that singing about your feet would do good,
And the upper part of your feet which are like a tortoise,
Which lifted the Mandara mountain lifts high,
The minds of the devotees who are getting drowned in illusion,
And also meditate on the auspicious rows of your toes,
Which have a raised middle and shine with light red colour,
And by the light of crescents on them removes,
The darkness of sorrow of your devotees and also does them good.

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10.Yogeendraanaam  thwadangeshwaadhika sumadhuram  mukthi bhaajaam nivaasoo,
Bhakthaanaam  kama varshadhyutharu kisalayam nadha they padha moolam,
NIthyam  chitha sthitha, may pavana pura pathe Krishna Karunya aindho,Hruthwaa nissesha thapaan  pradhisathu  paramaanandha sandhoha lakshmeem.

10.Oh God, Oh Lord of Guruvayur, Oh Krishna, Oh ocean of mercy,
Let the soles of your feet which is the sweetest part of your body,
To the great sages, which is the place of those who attained salvation,
Which is the tender sprout of the wish giving tree that showers,
The fulfillment of all the wishes and desires of your devotees,
Be firmly kept in my mind so that all my sorrows are destroyed,
And confer on me the flood of prosperity of the Supreme bliss.

11.Aajnaathwaa they mahathwam yadhiha nigaditham viswanaadha kshamedhaa,
Stotranchai thath sahasrothara madhikatharam thwath prasaadhaaya bhooyaath,
Dhweedhaa Narayaneeyam sruthishu cha janushaa sthuthyathaa varnanena,
Spheetham  leelavathaarai  ridhamiha kuruthaam aayur arogya  saukhyam.

11.Oh Lord of the universe, please pardon me for writing this stotra,
Without knowing your greatness properly and this prayer,
Having more than one thousand stanzas should be blessed,
by you with all your grace as this which is called Narayaneeyam,
Is both about Narayana as well that which is written by Narayana,
And as Vedas tell that God is one who is known by his incarnation,
This prayer has been well fortified by the stories on incarnation of God,
May kindly grant a healthy pleasant long life.

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