Fear of the monkey

Fifty- fifth Chapter

Fear of the monkey

(After seeing the entire city burning, suddenly Hanuman feels that Sita also might have been destroyed. He curses himself for causing such an eventuality because of his anger .Rethinking about the several immortal happenings and overhearing Charanas who told that Sita was alive, he decides to return after seeing Sita once more.)

That monkey Hanuman after burning to ashes the entire city of Lanka and seeing it with full of Rakshasas who were running because of fear , became thoughtful 1

Hanuman became very dejected and thought, Why did I do this action of burning the city of Lanka,” and started hating himself. 2

 He who can put off, the ebbing anger intelligently similar to a raging fire being put off by pouring water is indeed blessed. They are very great beings. 3

 Which of those who are controlled by anger does not commit sins? When you are angry you even kill respectful teachers. The male who is controlled by anger would insult good people by disrespectful words. 4

 Man who is angry cannot distinguish between words which can be told and words which should not be told. There is nothing, which should not be done by one who is angry. In that state there is nothing which should not be told. 5

 He is only called a Man, who can remove anger by patience like serpent removes its coat. 6

 I who have burnt without thought the great Sita should be despised as a fool, one without shame, first among sinners and traitor to the master. 7

 It is definite that like the city of Lanka being burnt, that lady Sita would have also been burnt and so my masters job was spoiled by my ignorant self. 8

 The purpose for which this effort has been made, has been completely destroyed for while burning Lanka, I did not take care to save Sita. 9

 This great accomplishment ended in to a very insignificant one. There is no doubt that because of my anger I destroyed the root of this job. 10

 This entire city has turned in to ash and I do not see any place in the city not affected by fire. So most probably Janaki might have died. 11

 I feel that if that job has been destroyed due to my ignorance, then the only option for me is to commit suicide here and now. 12

 Shall I fall in this fire which has burnt the city now? Or shall I make my body as food to the beings living in the sea?  13

 Is it proper for me, who has spoiled all the job, to be seen alive by Sugreeva the king of monkeys and those two who are the greatest among males. 14

 The instability of monkeys which is famous in all the three worlds and which is an inborn nature for them, was shown by me personally because of my bad nature of being angry. 15

 The proud nature which is not under the control of intellect and which does not allow one to have stability in natural instinct is to be despised. For even I, who am capable of great attainment, was not allowed to protect Sita because of my anger. 16

 If Sita dies, those two people also will die. On the death of those two people, Sugreeva and his relatives will also die. 17

 How will Bharatha ,who loves his brother and who is the storehouse of good qualities along with his brother Shatrugna, after hearing this news ,agree to live further. 18

 Once the Ikshuvaku clan which is based on just action is destroyed, there is no doubt that all their citizens would come in to the clutches of the fire of sorrow. 19

 Therefore there is no doubt that I am one who is sick with anger, unlucky, one in whom the effect of just action is destroyed and one who destroys the world. 20

Hanuman who was thinking thus suddenly thought that there is a necessity to think of some good effects that happened to him and started thinking once again in detail. 21

 Possibly she who is very pretty and she who does only good for others, has escaped because of her immortal powers and would not have been destroyed. After all fire cannot destroy fire. 22

 She who is the wife of the resplendent personification of just action would have been saved by her virtue only and that lady cannot even be touched by fire. 23

 Perhaps because of that, that fire whose nature is normally to burn due to the power of Rama and virtue of Vaidehi is not burning me now. 24

 How can she who is the wife of Rama who has stolen his mind, who is like God to the three Bharatha brothers, be ever destroyed. 25

 How is it that this fire, which has never proved ineffective, which is very powerful, which is personification of burning, did not even burn my tail? How can it then burn the lady Sita? 26

 Apart from this , Hanuman thought of the Mainaka Mountain rising up from the middle of the sea and then suddenly, was filled with wonder about one happening. 27

 That holy lady by her virtue, truth, and unmatchable love towards her husband can even burn fire itself. How can fire touch such a person like her? 28

 When Hanuman was thus thinking about the greatness of the holy lady, he heard the words Of Charanas who are the singers of praise in heaven. 29

 What to say, a very great valorous deed has been performed by Hanuman by horribly setting fire to the residences of Rakshasas.  30

 This city of Lanka sounded as if its palaces, walls and towers along with the caves inside the mountains were shouting and it is also filled with wail of running Rakshasis, children and old people and also the tumultuous sound of its citizens is booming. It has been completely burnt but the wonderful thing to us is that Janaki is spotless and has not been burnt. 31-32

 That Hanuman because of the various thoughts (proofs) in his mind, the good effects he was seeing and words of Charanas became very happy. 33

 Then the monkey though he knew that the princess was out of danger, wanted to see her once more and decided to return after the wishes of his mind are satisfied. 34

 Thus ends the fifty fifth chapter of Sundara Kanda which is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

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