Crossing of sea from Lanka

Fifty- sixth Chapter

Crossing of sea from Lanka

(Hanuman took leave of Janaki and climbed to the top of Lamba Mountain, preparing himself to cross the ocean. He assumed his very big form and rose from the mountain to the north)

Hanuman saluted Janaki who was sitting below the Simshuba tree unperturbed and told her, I am happy to see that you are safe. And I am able to see you again by the grace of God. 1

Then Sita seeing him, who has come again near her, told again some words which exhibited her love towards her husband. 2

 Hey destroyer of enemies, you are the only suitable one, to get good results for this job as per your desire. Your strength is bound to be praised. 3

 For that Kakustha prince Rama who can destroy all enemies, the only thing proper is for him to turn the city of Lanka upside down by his arrows and take me with him. 4

 So you have to tell such words to him so that that great warrior wins his enemies in war and also such that the words are suited to a great soul like him. 5

 Hanuman after hearing her words, which were meaningful, which were logical and which were full of love , replied her in one sentence. 6

 That Kakustha who is going to win over his enemies and who is going to wipe away your sorrow is soon going to come here surrounded by armies of monkeys and bears. 7

After consoling Vaidehi thus, Hanuman prepared for the return and bid farewell to Vaidehi. 8

 Afterwards, that monkey chief who is the killer of his enemies, with great enthusiasm to see his lord climbed the great Arishta Mountain. 9

 Hanuman the son of wind God climbed with happiness on that mountain, which had dense forests having tall Padmaka trees, which had clouds engulfed in between its peaks, which appeared as if has just woken up by the rays of Sun and appeared as if it was wearing the Dhothi and Uthariya (shoulder cloth), which appeared as if it was staring because of the several protruding minerals because they appeared as their eyes, which appeared as if it was a mountain chanting Vedas because of the sweet sounds resembling the shruthi of music made by the several spring waters of the mountain, Which appeared as if, it was a sage blessing the viewer because of the tall dense Devadaru trees, Which was echoing the great sounds of waterfalls , which appeared as if it was shaking because of the black autumn clouds, which appeared as if it was whistling because of the shaking flute like bamboos, which appeared it as if it was hissing due to jealousy because of the great snakes in it, which appeared it as it was very many sages in trance because of the snow filled caves(all their organs are closed) , which had several small hills surrounding resembling pieces of clouds because of which it appeared if steps are taken to conquer, which had series of peaks which made it look like yawning and staring at the sky, which was shining because of its several caves and several peaks arranged differently, which was surrounded by trees like coconut, Palmyra, Maruth and bamboo, which was decorated by several flowering ornamental climbers spread everywhere, which was filled with various types of animals, which was decorated by the springs of several minerals, which had large number of springs, which was populated by sages, Gandarwas, Yakshas, Kinnaras and Nagas, which had many uprooted climbers and trees, which had many caves in which lions lived, which was populated by tigers and which had many trees with tasty fruits and tubers. 10-21

In the pretty mountain valleys those rocks on which Hanuman stepped with firmness broke in to pieces and fell making lot of sound. 22

 That great monkey after climbing the great mountain deciding to go from the south to north started growing up in size. 23

 The valorous son of wind, after climbing to the top of the mountain, saw the ocean filled with fishes and snakes.  24

 That monkey warrior who was the son of Wind god started from the south to north like the wind traveling in the sky. 25

 Then that great mountain trampled heavily by the monkey ,made huge sounds because of its Bhoothas, shaking peaks and breaking trees and also suddenly was pushed down inside the earth. 26

 The trees with flowers broken by the speed of the thighs of Hanuman broke in to pieces and fell on to the earth like they were cut by the holy wheel (Chakra). 27

(Lord Vishnu used the holy wheel as a weapon)

 The roar of those greatly strong lions, which were suffering and came out of the caves, was heard breaking the sky. 28

 The Vidhyadara ladies with loosened dresses and shuffled ornaments suddenly came out of the mountain. 29

 Those very thick and strong great snakes with their heads and necks were crushed and fell trampled spiting poison. 30

 Then the Kinnaras, Nagas, Gandarwas, Yakshas and Vidhyadaras left the great mountain and went and stood in the sky. 31

 That very pretty mountain being attacked by the monkey sunk to the world below along with its tall trees and peaks. 32

 That mountain which was ten yojanas broad and thirty yojanas tall became equal to the ground level. 33

 Making up his mind to cross the horrible salt sea along with shores being touched by waves that monkey effortlessly rose on to the sky. 34

 Thus ends the fifty- sixth chapter of Sundara Kanda which is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

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