Hurting of the security staff of the forest

Sixty second Chapter

Hurting of the security staff of the forest

(The guard of the garden, Dadhimuka who was the uncle of Sugreeva tried his best to stop the destruction of the honey forest. Angadha became very angry and hit him. Then Dadhimukha reached the presence of Sugreeva along with his followers.)

Hanuman who was the greatest among all monkeys and who was their leader told them, Hey, monkeys, without any worry, please drink the honey. I would drive away your enemies. 1-2

Hearing the words of Hanuman, Angadha who was the leader of monkeys told with a very clear mind, Let the monkeys drink the honey. Even if Hanuman’s words are not  proper, I have to definitely obey them. But if they are like this, need it be questioned? 3-4

 Those monkeys who were chiefs among monkeys, hearing the words from Angadha’s face, became very happy and worshipped him saying, “great. great. 5

 All the monkeys praising the monkey chief Angadha went speedily like an overflowing river to the places where more honey was there. 6

 Because they were able to see Mythili and knew about her and because they got permission to do as they please in case of the matter of honey, also because of their power, they disregarded the security personnel, and drank the honey and also ate lot of fruits.7

 The security staffs who were interested in the welfare of the garden and who came there quickly were beaten by the other monkeys by jumping and in several different ways by the other monkeys. 8

 They all joined together plucked the big rock like beehives and started drinking from them. Some of them dropped and broke these hives. 9

 Some of them who were of the colour of honey after drinking the honey wasted the remaining honey by pouring them. 10

 Some of them who became tipsy managed to stand erect holding the branches of the tree. Some of them spread the leaves of the tree below it and lay down on them. 11

 Then some of those monkeys affected by the honey were not able to stand firmly and started rolling and some of them who were almost mad started pushing each other because of their enthusiasm. 12

 Some of those monkeys who became affected by the honey slept on the earth itself. Some of them started jumping and some of them with enthusiasm made bird like sounds. 13

 Some of them did some other things and some of them did something else and started laughing. Some did some thing and started shouting. Some others got up after the effects were worn out. 14

 Then those servants of Dadhimuka and the security personnel who were still there being driven out by the very powerful monkeys ran to different corners. 15

 Being dragged by their knees and being shown their asshole by those monkeys they became terribly worried and approached Dadhimuka and told as follows. 16

(Showing their asshole towards those whom they are angry is a well-known habit of monkeys)

 Because Hanuman gave permission, the forest of honey has been destroyed by force. We were also dragged by our knees and shown their assholes. 17

The forest protector and monkey Dadhimuka hearing that the honey forest has been destroyed became angry and consoled those monkeys thus. 18

Come along. We would drive away those drunk monkeys who have lost their strength  by our strength.. 19

Those brave monkey chiefs hearing the orders of Dadhimuka returned along with him speedily to the honey forest. 20

Dadhimuka uprooted a tree on his way and ran fast. Those monkeys also ran along with him. 21

Those monkeys who were angry picked up rocks, trees and mountains in their hand and ran towards the place where those monkey chiefs were assembled. 22

Hence those heroic watchmen attacked those monkeys who have lost their strength and who were sitting on the tree and the floor. 23

Those courageous ones having in their hands Sala tree, palm trees and stones rushed to the place in order to obey their leader. 24

While things were like this, Monkey chiefs like Hanuman seeing that Dadhimuka was angry came running there speedily. 25

That time Angadha became angry and beat Dadhimukha who was very intelligent, who was very strong, who was a gentleman, who was running there with a tree in his hand ,by both his hands. 26

He who was blind with extreme happiness did not bother to think that This man should be respected by me” and pushed him on the ground and kicked him suddenly. 27

 That heroic monkey chief (Dadhimukha) with wounds in shoulder, thighs and hands and being covered all over with blood ,lay on the floor unconscious for some time. 28

 He who was the uncle of King Sugreeva gained consciousness speedily , became much more angry than before and prevented the honey drunk monkeys with a staff. 29

 That monkey chief being disregarded by those monkeys reached a solitary place along with his servants. 30

 Let these people not be bothered about. Let us go to the place where our broad necked chief Sugreeva is there ,along with Rama. 31

 We will inform our king that all the faults are with Angadha and as soon as he hears this , he will become angry and kill all these monkeys. 32

 Because this pretty honey forest which cannot be even neared by devas , was inherited by him from his ancestor who is a great soul. 33

 That Sugreeva would kill all these monkeys with short life span and who are after honey along with their friends by beating them with a stick. 34

 These who have disregarded the order of the king deserve to be killed. and our anger by which we are not able to control will definitely bear fruit. 35

 That very strong Dadhimuka thus telling to his gardeners, along with those gardeners jumped and started on his journey. 36

 That monkey reached the place where Sugreeva , the son of Sun God  was staying within a second. 37

 After seeing Rama, Lakshmana and Sugreeva he got down from the sky on the plain ground. 38

 That monkey Dadhimuka who was the chief of the security people, surrounded by the security staff went near Sugreeva with a faded face and with folded hands kept over his head and saluted him by prostrating at his feet by his head. 39

 Thus ends the sixty second chapter of Sundara Kanda which is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

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