Giving leave for Hanuman to depart

Fortieth Chapter

(Giving leave for Hanuman to depart)

( As Hanuman prepares to go Sita becomes further sad, tells him abut one more incident which happened between her and Rama and breaks down.Hanuman further consoles her and is given leave to go by Sita)

That Sita who is like a divine maiden, after hearing that great ones words , told the following words which were good for her. 1

 Hey monkey, after hearing your dear words, I am as happy as the dry land with half germinated seeds when it receives a rain. 2

 Please take mercy on me and do suitable steps so that I who is terribly tired because of sorrow can fulfill my wish and be able to touch the greatest among men. 3

 Hey best among the group of monkeys, after informing as a sign the fact that due to anger he send a graa to remove one eye of the crow, please also tell Rama the following. 4

 When my Tilaka(dot applied in the forehead by married woman) was erased , you playfully put on my forehead a Tilaka with a laterite stone > Please remember this. 5

(Unlike the story told earlier , this is a fact known only to Rama and Sita and has romantic overtones.So Sita gives only indication so that Rama will understand that the message comes from Sita. Another version of the story is that when Sita misplaced her Tilaka making set, both of them started searching for it with a bet that the one who finds it will get a fondling by the other.)

How are you who is equal to Devendra and Varuna able to bear the fact that I have been abducted and am living amidst Rakshasis? 6

Hey holy one, this Choodamani has always been protected with love by me and whenever I am sad I use to look at it and get consoled as if I saw you.

 This Choodamani which had its origin in water and which gives happiness is being sent to you by me and I cannot live now with sorrow. 8-9

 I was tolerating sorrow which cannot be borne and heart breaking words of cruel Rakshasis for your sake.  10

 Hey , killer of enemies, with great deal of pain, I would hold on to my life for one more month. After one month I would not live without you. 11-12

 This king of Rakshasa is a cruel one and his intentions towards me are not good. If I see that you are making delay , I would not live for one more second.  13

After hearing these words of Vaidehi narrated with tears flowing from her eyes and full of self pity ,the resplendent Hanuman who was the son of Wind God told as follows. 14

Hey holy lady, I am truly telling on oath to you that Rama because of the sorrow caused by your separation, has forsaken everything. Due to the fact that Rama is plunged in sorrow. Lakshmana also is sad. 15

Hey queen among ladies, I have been fortunate in seeing you and so this is not the time for sorrow for you would be seeing the end of sorrow immediately. 16

Those two blessed princes who are lion among men, with the anxiety to see you are going to turn Lanka in to ashes. 17

Hey broad eyed lady, those two belonging to the clan of Raghu, are going to kill Ravana and his relatives in war and are going to take you back to their city. 18

Hey lady without blemishes. Suppose you have some more memento which would make Rama remember his love , please give it to me. 19

Sita addressing Hanuman told. Hey valorous one, the memento given by me is the best among what I can give. , Hey, Hanuman, immediately on seeing this my ornament of hair, Rama would consider your words as believable. 20

That monkey chief Hanuman understanding that it is a great ornament, after saluting her by his head, waited for his time to depart. 21

That daughter of Janaka with face wet with tears and who was in a sorrowful state seeing the monkey chief who was interested in jumping up and consequently increasing the size of his body told the following words with tears and a stuttering voice. 22

 Hey , Hanuman, please inform my welfare to those two brothers who are similar to lion, to Sugreeva and his ministers and all others without fail. 23

 Hey chief of monkeys , as soon you reach in front of Rama inform inform him of my very great sorrow and my being troubled by Rakshasas .Let your path be without any problems.  24

That monkey having been recognized as an emissary by the princess, having completed the job he intended, and very happy because of that, and understanding that very little is left to be done, reached the northern direction mentally. 25

Thus ends the fortieth chapter of Sundara Kanda which is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

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