Killing of the seven ministers sons

Forty-fifth Chapter

Killing of the seven ministers sons

(Hanuman killed the seven sons of ministers who waged a war against him along with a huge army. Rivers of blood was seen all over Lanka and citizens of Lanka became very sad.)

Those seven sons of ministers who shined like the seven tongued fire, who were very strong, who has leaned the art of archery properly, who were great among archers and who were greatly valorous started from their homes because they were ordered to, surrounded by a very large army in chariots which had golden windows, which had flag poles full of flags and which made sounds like the cloud. Each of them wanted the victory to be theirs  and were holding bows made of molten gold which appeared as if they were lightning and made sounds from the m. 1-4

Their mothers , relations and friends , knowing that Kinkaras have been killed ,were terribly upset because of sorrow. 5

Each of them competing with each other to be in the front and wearing ornaments made of gold prepared themselves for was and neared Hanuman sitting near the gate. 6

Those cloud like Rakshasas coming with the thundering sound of chariots, send rains of arrows like thick clouds. 7

 At that time Hanuman covered by the raining arrows looked like a mountain hidden by rain. 8

The fast moving monkey rose and traveled in the clear sky and wasted the arrows as well as the speeding chariots. 9

That hero playing in the sky with those great archers appeared as if he was god of wind in the cloud filled sky. 10

 That heroic Hanuman by making horror stricken sound made that great army shiver and soon showed his valor against that army. 11

 Hanuman, the winner of enemies , killed some by beating with his hand, some by legs, some by fists, some by tearing with nails some by crushing with his chest and legs and some died by simply hearing the roar of Hanuman. 12-13

 When they fell on the earth after they were killed the entire army full of fear ran in ten different directions. 14

 Elephants trumpeted making ugly sound, horses fell down on the earth , and the platform of chariots, flags and umbrellas of broken chariots covered the entire earth.   15

 Then by the blood shed every where on the way rivers of blood were noticed and the entire Lanka cried heartbroken with several sounds. 16

 That monkey who was a great hero and a great warrior after killing the roaring Rakshasas went and sat on the tower with a wish to fight with more Rakshasas. 17

 Thus ends the forty-fifth chapter of Sundara Kanda which is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

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