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Thirty seventh Chapter

Hanuman showing his mega form

(When Hanuman sees that Sita is miserable, he offers to carry her on his back immediately to the presence of Rama. Sita refuses to believe him because he is too small and would not be capable of doing it. Hanuman then shows her very big form. She is wonderstruck by his strength but tells him that as a woman she many not be able to undertake such a risky journey. She also tells him of her owill she has never touched any other male except Rama. She concludes by saying that unless Rama himself frees her, a bad name would come to him.)

That princess Sita who had a full moon face after hearing the news, told the following meaningful words containing essence of  justice. 1

The words told by you that Rama is not paying attention to any thing, is like nectar and the words that He is drowned in sorrow, is like poison. 2

 Though full of complete riches or very horrible sorrow, man is tied and dragged by the  effects of actions his previous birth , similar to be being tied and dragged by a rope. 3

 Hey chief of the monkeys, it is indeed true that the effects of fate cannot be prevented by all living beings, This is aptly illustrated by the example of the son of Sumithra, myself and Rama. 4

 When is Rama going to swim to the other shore of sorrow, similar to the one who after breaking of the ship in the ocean, swims with difficulty to the other shore. 5

When is my lord going to kill Rakshasas , kill Ravana, destroy Lanka and see me? 6

 I can be alive only that number of days when the year of my captivity lasts, and so he has to be told that He has to complete the job with care and speed. 7

This is the tenth month in the period set for me to be alive by Ravana and the remaining period is only two months. 8

Ravana has been told about returning me back to Rama to the best of his ability by his brother Vibishana by good and sweet words but his brain does not accept it as proper. 9

Ravana does not like to return me back because , he is caught in the web of time and is being searched by death. 10

Hey monkey, this has been told to me on great detail personally by Anala, the eldest daughter of Vibishana who has sent here by her own mother. 11

Hey chief of monkeys, I am definitely sure that my lord would get me back soon, for my mind is pure and he has several good qualities. 12

Hey monkey In Rama there is a great combination of enthusiasm, masculinity, strength, mercy, gratefulness, chivalry and fame. 13

Which enemy will not shiver in fear of him who alone without the help of his brother killed fourteen thousand rakshasas in Janasthana? 14

That great man is one who cannot be shaken by sorrow and I know him like Indra’s wife knows Indra well. 15

Hey , monkey, Rama who is the sun with net of arrows as his rays would soon dry the water which is full of Rakshasas. 16

Seeing Sita who was afflicted by sorrow because of Rama and who was telling like this with eyes full of tears, Hanuman told the following words. 17

Sri Rama is going to reach here along with the army of monkeys and bears as soon as he hears my words. 18

Hey lady without any blemishes. If this is not agreeable, you climb on my back and I would definitely free you from the clutches of insufferable Ravana. 19

I would safely cross the ocean along with you , if you climb on my back for I definitely have the strength to carry the entire Lanka along with Ravana. 20

 Hey princess of Mithila, I would immediately present you to Raghava who is atop the Prasravana mountains like the God of fire delivers the sacred offerings to Indra 21

(God of fire acts as an agent to deliver offerings made by human beings to Devas and Pithrus)

You would be able to immediately see Raghava who is similar to Vishnu in killing of Rakshasa, who is similar to Indra who sits on a seat called Naga Rajam , who lives in a hermitage doing all possible efforts to see you soon, who is very strong, and who is with Lakshmana. 22-23

 Hey Lady who does only good, climb on my back. Do not hesitate. You would be able to attain and live with Rama like Lady Rohini with moon God, Lady Suvarchala with Sun God. You sit firmly on my back and cross the sea and the ocean. 24-25

No body who lives in Lanka, have the strength to follow my speed , when I take you and travel fast. Oh holy lady. 26

Hey Vaidehi, I would go high up in the sky carrying you without any difficulty similar to the fashion by which I came here, be please to see. 27

Maithili hearing these wonderful words of the monkey chief , became extremely happy because of this and became wonderfully alert, and told Hanuman the following words in a different way. 28

Hey monkey who is the army-commander in chief of the monkeys, the fact of your desire to carry me through this very long route makes me feel that it is your monkey like conduct. 29

Hey Chief of monkeys, how do you propose to take me from her to the presence of my husband with the frail body of yours? 30

That wonderful hero and son of wind God Hanuman, after knowing the opinion of Sita thought about her apprehension as follows.

This black eyed damsel Vaidehi does not about my inborn strength or fame. Let her see my that aspect which I can assume at will that will impress her.  32

After thinking thus that monkey chief Hanuman who has won over enemies like passion anger etc assumed his natural aspect and made Vaidehi see it. 33

That great hero and monkey chief to show Sita his real form jumped far away from the tree and assumed his mega form. 34

That monkey chief standing before Sita became equal the Meru and Mandhara mountains and shined like the raging fire. 35

Then that monkey who was having a red face , who was extremely strong, who had nails and teeth like Vajrayudha and who was like a mountain told the following to Vaidehi. 36

I have sufficient strength to carry this city of Lanka along with its mountains, forests , buildings, spires , towers  and also its chief. 37

So, Hey Vaidehi, make your brain stable, leave out all doubts. Hey lady and make Rama along with Lakshmana devoid of all sorrows. 38

That daughter of Janaka who was having broad eyes like the lotus leaf looking at Hanuman who was adopted son of God of Wind and who was like the mountain spoke as follows.  39

 Hey great monkey, I am seeing your great qualities, strength of your body, your speed which is equal to that of wind god and the power which is equal to that of the fire God. 40

Hey chief of monkeys , how can an ordinary being have the strength to reach this unthinkable beach and this city? 41

 I can visualize your great strength by which you can carry me back but the great ones but we have to also consider the certain and speedy completion of his duty of the great one . 42

Hey chief of monkeys, it is not possible for me to accompany you for I may faint by the great speed by which you go. 43

 I may perhaps fall down because of trembling induced by fear from your back when you are traveling in the sky far far above the ocean. 44

 I would then perhaps fall and die in the ocean and become good food for beings like whales and crocodiles living in the sea. 45

 Hey destroyer of foes, Not only that it is not possible for me to go with you. For danger may without doubt happen to you who is carrying me. 46

 For once the bad soul Ravana comes to know that I have escaped, those great valorous asuras ordered by him would catch up with us. 47

 Hey valorous one, you would be surrounded by those heroes armed with iron rods and spears and you carrying me who has to be saved would attain lot of danger. 48

 Those Rakshasas would be too many and well armed you would not be armed and how can you fight with them in the sky and that too how is it possible for you to save me? 49

 Hey chief of monkeys, while you are fighting with those Rakshasa who are capable of cruel deeds , I may tremble because of fear and fall down. 50

 Hey chief of monkeys, there would be too many rakshasas who are all very powerful and they somehow will attain victory over you in war. 51

 Otherwise also when you are fighting with lot of difficulty, I may fall down and those sinner Rakshasas would take me away. 52

 Perhaps they may snatch me from your hands or even perhaps kill me for in war victory or defeat is never certain. 53

 Or it is possible that insulted by those Rakshasas I may give up my life and even that way , Hey monkey chief, all your efforts will culminate in getting no result. 54

 I realize that you are quite capable of killing all of them but in spite of that Rama’s fame will decrease when it is known that all Rakshasas were killed by you. 55

(She implies that People will talk that Rama was not able to kill his enemies without depending on others.)

 Otherwise also , once the Rakshasas recover me they would hide me in a place from where no one can locate me and because of that monkeys will not be able to find me out nor would Rama and Lakshmana be able to find me out. Even like this all the efforts put by you would be wasted. 56

 Would it not be better if Lord Rama also comes with you? 57

 Hey great hero, is it not true that the soul of Rama, his brothers , you and all members of the princely dynasty lies in me. 58

 Those two once they realize that I cannot be saved would become weak with sorrow and would sacrifice their lives along with all monkeys and bears. 59

 Hey greatest of all monkeys, having observed chastity as my ideal, I never had at any time , any desire to even touch another male. 60

 But in case of the touch of Ravana, it was done in spite of my chastity because I was not free, I did not have any other go, I was completely enfeebled and was done by force because I fell in to his hands. 61

 It would be proper for Rama , if he kills the ten headed Rakshasa along with his relatives and takes me along with him. 62

 I have heard nay seen the great valour of that great man in killing his enemies in war  and I know  that neither devas nor Rakshasas nor Pannagas are equal to Rama in war. 63

Who will think of fighting with that Raghava who holds the great bow called Kodanda, who is very strong, who is equal to Indra in valor, who is like the fire kindled by wind in war and who is with Lakshmana , after knowing him. 64

Hey chief of monkeys, Who would think of opposing that Raghava who is like the elephants guarding the directions, who kills enemies in war, who is with Lakshmana and who stands unperturbed like the Sun at the time of deluge with arrows as his rays. 65

 Hey great monkey, please make my lord surrounded by Lakshmana and the several army chieftains arrive here. Hey valorous monkey, make me, who is drowned in sorrow because of forever thinking about Rama, happy. 66

 Thus ends the thirty seventh chapter of Sundara Kanda which is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

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