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Thirtieth Chapter

Thinking about how to console Sita

(Hanuman then analyses the situation and thinks what he should do? He decides that he should see and console Sita. Then he comes to the conclusion that he should sing the praises of Rama so that she would pay attention to them and not get startled.)

That heroic Hanuman observed with attention the bullying of Sita by the Rakshasis, Sita’s reply, and Trijata’s words. 1

Afterwards that monkey having seen Sita, who was like a deva maiden in the garden of Indra, before his eyes, started thinking in various ways. 2

 That lady whom thousands and ten thousands monkeys were searching in all directions has been seen by me. 3

I who am an emissary was able to know all this, because with an intention of knowing the strength of the enemy with enthusiasm , I moved without catching anybody’s eye 4

 I was able to know especially about the rakshasas, the fame of this king of Rakshasas and about this city. 5

This is the proper time to console the wife of the all merciful man with great character, whose only desire is to see her husband. 6

Let me console her, who has a face like full moon, who did not know what is sorrow, who at present is full of sorrow and who does not find the means to end her sorrow any where nearby. 7

If I go without consoling her ,who has a mind ebbing with sorrow., my going would cause  lot of bad results. 8

If I return now, this Janaki the princess with lot of fame would not find any way to get out of her sorrow and would definitely give up her life. 9

Apart from that I also have to console Rama who has a face like the full moon, who is a great hero and who only wants to see Sita. 10

This necessary meeting with her cannot be done at present in front of the Rakshasis and how is it possible? I am not able find any solution. 11

I should console her during the remaining part of the night only , for if not she would definitely commit suicide. 12

When Rama asks me as to what message did Sita send, if I do not meet her, what reply would it be possible for me to give? 13

Suppose I hurriedly return without any message from Sita, he who belongs to the clan of Kakustha would get angry at me and burn me , with his intolerably angry look itself. 14

Also If Sugreeva tries to gather an army for the cause of Rama, his coming along with the army would be without any use. 15

I would continue to be here and wait for a proper time for Rakshasis and at that time I would slowly console her who is steeped in sorrow. 16

Especially since I am a monkey with a very small stature, at this time I will speak the language of the ordinary men. 17

(The common man of those times spoke a colloquial version of Sanskrit language called Prakrit. The tribals spoke a version called Paisachi and the learned Brahmins only spoke Sanskrit.)

If I speak Sanskrit like Brahmins, Sita would think how a monkey like me got that power to talk like that and she would be scared of me, assuming that I am Ravana. 18-19

(This indicates that Ravana spoke to her in Sanskrit.)

Since She who is faultless should be consoled by me, I should certainly talk in the language of ordinary men as there is no other way. 20

She who has already been bullied and terrorized by the Rakshasis would again be scared if she sees my form and hears my language. 21

Then the sad broad eyed one would become more scared and thinking that I am Ravana who can assume any form he likes would start shouting. 22

As soon as she starts shouting, those horrible Rakshasis who are similar to the God of death, would come along with various weapons. 23

Then those with wrongly shaped faces, would surround me from all the four sides, and would make efforts to catch and kill me. 24

Seeing me running and jumping all over the branches and sticks, one after another they would start shivering out of fear. 25

Not only that, seeing my big form traveling through the forests , those Rakshasis with misshaped faces would start shivering out of fear. 26

Then those Rakshasis will summon the Rakshasas appointed by the king of Rakshasas in his palace. 27

They armed with spears, sword and other arms would come and join this crowd creating more fear. 28

Surrounded on all sides by them, I would blow away the strength of Rakshasa and possibly in that state would loose the strength to reach the other shore of this great ocean. 29

 Some of those very active ones may possibly be able to catch me and I would get imprisoned and Sita would not be able to know any news. 30

 Those of them who are interested in violence may possibly kill the daughter of Janaka and if that happens, then the job entrusted by Rama and Sugreeva would end dangerously. 31

 Janaki being here is a secret, which is impossible to find out as this place is guarded by Rakshasas and is surrounded by the sea. 32

I also am not able to think of another one to do the job of Rama, if I am defeated in war or imprisoned by Rakshasas. 33

If I am killed, in spite of hard thinking, I am not know of another monkey who can cross this great sea which is one hundred Yojanas broad. 34

 I am definitely capable of killing thousand of Rakshasas fighting alone but I am doubtful whether I would be able to reach the other shore afterwards. 35

This danger I may face in the uncertainty of war is not suitable to me at this time and no intelligent individual would enter a dangerous act without suspicion. 36

If I do not see and talk to her, death will happen to Vaidehi and by talking to her this great danger would happen. 37

Even jobs which can have good results, would fail to get any result, similar to the vanishing of darkness at Sun rise by employing an emissary without the strength of thoughtful analysis. 38

(An inefficient thoughtless emissary will not be able to complete any job.)

It is not clear to me as to what should be done by me and what should not be done and I feel jobs are spoiled by those emissaries who think that they know everything. 39

What is to be done so that the job is not spoiled? How to ensure that there is no dearth of right decision? What to do to ensure that this crossing of the ocean is not wasted? 40

How will she hear my words with careful attention and not only that how to ensure that my words do not make her tremble? Thinking like this Hanuman arrived at a decision, which was really without any flaws. 41

By singing the praise of Rama who can get any job done without any danger and who is close to her, I can keep her, whose mind is firmly fixed on her husband, not startled. 42

I would make her hear those words which describe the just and good actions Of Rama who is all knowing and who is the greatest among Ikshuvaku clan. I would tell these by singing his praise and also do things in such a way that she will believe in them. 43-44

That great Hanuman thinking thus in various ways about the wife of the king of the world, sitting in the middle of the branches of the tree spoke the sweet words which would lead to positive result.  45

Thus ends the thirtieth chapter of Sundara Kanda which is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

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