By Kambar (Kavichakravarthy Kamban)

Translated in English by P. R Ramachander

Kamba Ramayanam-Yudha Kandam 14 (Padalam 36)

Yudha Kandam (contd)

36. Ravananan Vadhai Padalam

Chapter on killing  of Ravana

(this chapter deals with the great war between Rama  and Ravana   and the killing of Ravana by Brahmastra. When Rama finds entry wounds on the back of Ravana , he laughs at him but Vibheeshana explains the reason for them. Rama requests Vibheeshana to do after   death rites. He wails and is consoled by Jambavan.  Mandodhari comes there   wails and dies due to great sorrow. Vibheeshana does funeral rites to both of them,   The scene of Agasthya teaching Adhithya Hrudaya to Rama to   get   ability to kill Ravana  is not there in Kamba ‘s version.)

9704. As soon as Rama got  up in to   the big and pretty  chariot   with wheelsThe  shining   wheels of the chariot sunk in to that dust   and the Devas ,Who were witnessing this  , wondered   about the  body weight of Ravana  ,And thought about  the Garuda who was more cruel than  the storm at deluge  ,But did not praise   him  and   praised   the shoulders  of Hanuman with great ability  ,And rained   flowers on them.

9705. Devas  joyfully shouted ,”Let this chariot raise  and   also carry all our  strength  ,Let because of its entry  destroy and make fall   the battle mad Rakshasa,Let the emperor among kings achieve victory, Let large  number of Rakshasis cry,”And the strong chariot of Rama  rose up as if it had  come out from sea and went to battle field.

9706. Ravana who saw that chariot with his eyes   understood   that the stable chariot  ,Was given by Devas  and folded his lips   and   gnashed   his teeth  and  thinking,“What does  it matter?”  ordered  his charioteer to take   his very strong chariot  ,Before  Rama who was   holding a lustrous    and very strong   bow.

9707. All those monkeys who had scattered  away earlier   seeing  that  thought,“Devas had given the  chariot  and there is no doubt   that  killer   of enemies,  Rama would win now ,”And leaving out their fear again started   roaming  in the battle field ,They threw trees and mountains and the    sound raised by them,Broke apart   the directions   and universes.

9708. The sound from the  drums bound by tapes  , the sound raised  by the warriors,Who were  fighting  in the war   , the joyful sound raised by   the other soldiers ,Joined together  and due to that soldiers on both sides   fell down on floor  and became calm,And the sounds  of the moving chariots of both of them  rose from above  and made everyone deaf.

9709. The son of the king of kings Rama ,   looked   at   the face of Matali   and said,“”Please   hear what I say with love ,  you please do you job after seeing my signs,After  our enemy  with joyful thoughts  completes all the jobs he wants to do , and do not rush in now “

9710. ”Oh generous one  , unless   I do my act   after understanding your thoughts  ,The mentality of the horses, the intentions of the enemy , the strength of the enemies,The  ills that can happen due to that, the firmness in our plans , the atmosphere ,Where acts can be done without deceit   and  the strength of   the  acts  ,Would not  make my art  become  inferior “  and that pure one   understood  it and said , “good.”

9711. Mahodhara who had a   form of a mountain touching the sky    went to Ravana ,And told, “Oh lord  Rama is now visible riding on a chariot drawn by   horses and the time ,For a cruel war to take place   between you too has neared ,.My standing like  a witness ,In between you both is wrong  and so give me leave now  “

9712. Then Ravana replied , “Like a  male  lion destroying   an elephant  , I would destroy,That  Rama who has lotus like eyes and if you   fight with  his brother Lakshmana,Who is with him  and prevent him from coming here  , you would bring victory to me.”And that Mahodhara who was boiling with anger   said, “I would do like that” and went back.

9713. Before that one who had returned approached   the  younger Lakshmana  ,He was neared  by the strong divine chariot    of the masculine  Rama  and ,Mahodhara with great ebbing anger ordered   “drive the chariot so that  it hits “,And that charioteer   saluted him   and started   telling.

9714. ”Oh sir , after seeing the form of this great Rama   even   innumerable crores  of Ravanas ,With evil   eyes cannot   come near him  , they would all lie  as corpses in the battle field and not walk,And so it is better for you leave that  lotus eyed Rama   and go away from here  “  he told.

9715. AS soon as he told that Mahodhara folded   his open mouth   showing teeth and said“If I pick you up who has spoken against me and eat you  , bad name will  come to me   That Rama’s  big chariot   went  before  the chariot  of   that angry mountain like  Mahodhara ,Which had flags   tied   to it   and huge war    with great   sounds   began.

9716. The huge golden chariot of Mahodhara  , his horses  , elephants  ,his foot soldiers,With   their hands   holding sword with the scent of flesh , their stone like   broad shoulders ,The ocean like army   and other things    were   all became  dried up  ,Being drunk   by  the    angry fire like    arrows   of   Rama. And Mahodhara with strong legs    ,Went alone before Rama   with his   chariot ,

9717.  Mahodhara   sent speedy rain like arrows aimed   at the flag of  Rama with thunder symbol,At the chariot   with great sound  , At the charioteer  who was controlling the horses  ,At the mountain like    shoulders  of Rama   and made a   huge war cry  ,That could tear away the sky and the directions    and the pure Rama   smiled.

9718. Rama sent one arrow   aimed at his bow, another aimed at his armour  ,Another   aimed at his strong hands  another   aimed at his stone like shoulders,Another aimed at his neck  and used arrows with great speed  and that Mahodhara,Contrary to the words given by him to Ravana   acted  in a different way and fell down in to pieces.

9719. The cruel Ravana   who had won over   all the three  worlds   and ,All the directions   saw the   way that Mahodhara   died   and since,This affected him  he looked at his charioteer   and said  , “drive the chariot  “And   that huge chariot drawn by horses driven by the charioteer   went speedily   to the  front.

9720. Valorous Rama understanding that as long as    the huge army of Ravana   which was  spread,Like    mist   is scattered    is killed and he becomes alone  , he would not surrender  ,And without Ravana   noticing it   using his curved bow completely destroyed  army of Ravana.

9721. At that time   the very powerful Ravana  saw the worlds   sinking down,The water  of the oceans getting dried , the storm   which wins over everything blowing  ,Raising up  troubled him   and  The   huge mountains like Meru  starting to move  ,And his    anklets with gems breaking down   and his left golden shoulder twitched.

9722. A rain of blood    was seen to fall   all over the world ,The clouds   gave rise to thunders making the world shiver  ,The thunder strokes fell and    broke   huge mountains ,And surrounded the luster less sun and other  planets.

9723.  The  horses tied to Ravana ‘s chariots slept  ,When the cruel bows are bent   and arrows   were kept  ,ON the string they broke  , the mouth and toungue of Ravana   dried  up,And  the garland   made with new flowers gave out   the scent of flesh.

9724. Hawks and crows settled on the flag of Ravana  ,Which had the picture of Veena   and flew along with it,The  horses with nature to jump were letting out tears  ,And the elephants decorated with forehead plate ,Were standing immobile    as if they were   tied in the stable.

9725. Those   bad omens  occurring to Ravana  increased ,The joy of Devas   and started   occurring like these  ,But Ravana      without bothering about them thought,“Can a human being ever    win over me?”

9726.  Like the  land   which   stands  on both sides  ,When the water   of the ocean ebbs out  ,those ,Who were   closely standing on both sides  ,Seeing the great speed of  the chariot of Ravana ,Unable  to bear it  moved   away giving him way.

9727. They were   standing there   like karma and wisdom  ,Which is attained in the end , just like  avidhyaWhich prevents knowledge   and  the knowledge  andJust like great sin and Dharma which always gives results,And    hit   each other  .

9728. They    stood     fighting with each other   just like  .The thousand headed Adhi Sesha   and Garuda  the king of birds .And just like   midnight    and middle  of the day.

9729. They were   like   the victorious and angry   elephants of directions Fighting   hating each other and apart from that   they were ,Similar to Lord Narasimha and the Hiranya   who was like a golden mountain.

9730. Once upon a time   due to   two   bows making  great sound  ,For the sake  of  the devas  who wanted to know   “Who is the greater  god?”Lord Vishnu  who touched all the three worlds    with his feet  ,And   Lord Shiva    stood opposing each other and  these two look liked them.

9731. With Lord Shiva  and   Lord Brahma    with   their hands   getting unstable  ,As well as shiver  , With the ancient  universe  breaking   and splitting,Ravana   boomed   with his  conch   which was used earlier when he won over   the Devas.

9732. Unable   to tolerate that conch  , making the sound  of conch,Getting inferior and making the Devas ask  “Whose is that   conch?”The white conch of Lord Vishnu    boomed by itself.

9733. The five weapons  of  Lord Vishnu   were standing  near Rama  ,To serve him  but  he   who  was not recognized by VedasAS   the truth  without lies   did not notice them.

9734. At that time  Mathali    boomed in to the conch of Indra  ,Who was wearing  a garland  made   of different flowers  ,Making   the directions  , sky  , the ocean   with tides  ,Mountains  , the great Devas   and universe   shiver.

9735. , Even before  the arrows sent by   Ravana  making great sound  ,Touched  the faultless   body  of the pure Rama   the arrow like   eyes ,Of the deva maidens   with lotus like pretty face  ,Were hitting his   divine body and they  were beyond count.

9736. The horses with   eyes red like the red seeds   which were tied   ,To the matchless  chariots of  Rama and Ravana who had come to the war,Jumped   , neared each other, looked at each other   spitting   fire  ,And were looking at each other as  if they would like  to swallow each other.

9737. The Veena   which was in the flag of Ravana and the thunder  ,Which was in the   flag of Ravana   raised  their voices with great sound, Again and again  Saying that  the earth  and sky would lose   Their usual nature  and would get destroyed .”

9738. The twang sound of the bow   raised by that RavanaWho had  cruel eyes  like Veezhi fruit   was  similar  to the great  sound,Raised by the seven oceans but the twang sound raised   by the lord of the wheels ,Was similar    to the thunder during great rains at final deluge.

9739. All the  great  angry  monkey heroes  led by  Hanuman,Hearing this sound fell on the ground   and  except lamenting ,“What can we do now”?’  there was nothing else that   they could do  ,With a tied mind   they became   action less .

9740. The devas without knowing “What is likely to happen?’, not able to think “who will win in this war  ?”,  got worried  , and because of it,They would  go  , return back  , would get scared  and after ,mental sorrow   , they became  unable to do anything.

9741. As soon as the strong arrows of Rama started   aiming ,At the distant sky , all the   flowers  rained  by devas  Who had come to seen the war   beautified    the sky  ,How   can people     support pride  ?

9742. The bow of Rama who had the capacity to rule the entire world  ,And the bow of Ravana   which cannot be touched and removed   by any one else  ,Were   shining opposite to each other   like the rain bow  in the sky ,Along with the  lightning  which were like its strings.

9743. It looks   that   the roar   of Ravana that day  with his own voice,And the sound he raised    from  his mountain like   battle  bow,Are still alive  as   the roaring ocean  and the   group of clouds  ,Which keep on making   sound  through thunders  do not have any end.

 9744. If we think without  any fault , the thunders that fall on the earth  ,Are not   rain  from clouds   and the fire that   came out   from eyes,Of  that Ravana   are the ones that travel in the sky  , and they only fall as thunder.

9745. That Ravana   who got mentally upset  on   seeing Lord Vishnu,Laughed  loudly making   all   the four directions    totter  ,And hearing that   the toungue and feet of Devas   started  to shake,And the city of Lanka churned  by  lot of clouds   started   shivering  .

9746. The luster  of the weapon that surrounded  Ravana on both sides  ,Were   ones which  went  through different directions   ,And they  burnt  everything without getting destroyed   and Even now   the   fire that  is released from crushed clouds ,Became   lightning   and also thunders.

9747.  Without killing   this lad   by using arrows , I shall take him,Along with   the chariot of Indra , throw  and spin him  in the skyAnd dash him against the earth  “said Ravana and then shouted  very loudly.

9748. ”Has this man been blessed with a  cruel bow    which is personification of lightning,Which destroys the capacity  of other people to attack him? I would destroy his strength,Powder  his divine chariot   and imprison him  along  with his matchless bow” Said Ravana.

9749. The cruel Ravana   who had a shivering mind  , the anger that rises in between,The fire like eyes   whose sight   is  directed to all corners   sent  lustrous arrows  from the  tip  ,Of his bow   by bending the   erect bow   which were  like the troubling   storm like  thunder.

9750. Those arrows were like great thunder  , like fire   , were capable  of piercing,The chest of the all powerful God of death  , capable of multiplying like rain,Were  made by the Devas  , capable of straitening so that   the connection is cut off,And bigger  than the big snake that encircled  Mandhara mountain during churning for nectar.

9751. The Devas suspected that those arrows   would split   the big Meru  mountain,Pierce it and  without standing there  , pierce   the sky    and   go further.But that storm of arrows   was prevented   in  the middle   by,The ocean of grace Rama by the rain  of   his   golden and cruel arrows.

9752. Like  a work  done with effort done by a leader   are destroyed by his evil acts,By creating road blocks, the arrows of Ravana  lost their power   but  ,That cruel Ravana   sent  arrow rain using arrows best to be kept  on the bow,And  having great measure  ,which was similar   to the  heavy black clouds,Descending   on the earth   during  the final deluge.

9753. Those arrows covered the sky  , hid  the directions , covered the mountains,Covered  the eyes of the Devas, made  the huge oceans as not visible  ,Hid the land, made a lie the statement that  others are wise ,Came coated   with fire  , came along with darkness   and   seeing this,Lord shiva who covers himself   with elephant hide wondered “What a  great art of war?”

9754. , Great Gods   other than Lord Shiva , sages and all others  closed  their eyes,By their palms   and were  inactive   and the monkey army  became similar  ,To the state when thousand thunders   fell on them together   and seeing  this,The very able Rama   started   with desire  acts  to stop the arrows of  Ravana.

9755. The  sharp and cruel   arrows   sent  by that primeval one , after  he entered ,Started growing like   the   result of charity of food   given during famine   to  ,The Brahmin who were doing fire sacrifice but   the arrows   that were  sent by Ravana  ,Were like the result  of sins committed   intentionally   and were  destroyed.

9756. That  Ravana   who was blessed with never ending valour  , within a second,Would sent  hundred thousand  sharp  arrows  and those arrows   would  be,Cut  in to pieces by matchless Rama   and  due  to those   burning pieces  ,Drinking away the water ,  the water of oceans dried and became  a slushy  mud mountain.

9757. In the next second  Ravana who is an expert   in fighting strong and cruel war,And who   knew the art of war , sent   against  Rama who was   sending arrows at him using his bow,Threw several weapons  like axes   and pestle   and the very strong rings  , wheels and spears ,And several other weapons.

9758.  When Rama who is of the colour of the cloud   sent several types of   arrows,They flew like wind  , changed in to fire  , sounded like thunder  , picked up speed,Gave birth to new arrows   and as soon  one of   hit   the thousand spears  , thousand axes  ,Thousand arrows   and  thousand other weapons of Ravana were   destroyed.

9759 . During the time Rama   was fighting  with him in a equal manner  ,Ravana who was   suffering like an elephant troubled     by the long goad,Took   ten arrows by   his ten hands  and sent them   and they went like  ,The rain  showered    by innumerable clouds   in section by section.

9760. When the rain of arrows sent by that God Rama   neared   the fire spitting,Cruel   rain of arrows sent by Ravana   , they closed   the distance between them,And then the five elements starting from earth   , became   enthused on seeing the war,Became  ones with hair standing erect   but due to  heat of arrows they suffered  great heat.

9761. At that time the chariot  of Ravana , rose on to the sky,Like the  Mandhara mountain  , like   the medicine mountain brought by Hanuman,Like the ancient    three cities  and like  the city  of Gandharwas became visible  on the sky.

9762. The rain of arrows that was showered   by the king of lanka  ,From the tall chariot standing on the sky   going through their bodies  ,Just  like the saying  that “That which cannot be destroyed was destroyed”,The monkey clan speedily met with their death   , even when Rama  was  watching.

9763. Seeing  this  Rama   told Matali, “ Our army which was like young bulls    have died”,And so I  would attack Ravana    with my arrows so that his shoulders  ,Which are like a drum  and his crowns worn on  many heads would fall down.So please   take this chariot on the sky   , would that sky be able to protect him” said  he.

9764. Matali who knew about the greatness of Rama  said  , “I will do like that”,And took up the   chariot which was like   the wind at deluge  and  that big chariot,Just like   the  Sun  system on the moon system  went and reached the place of Ravana ’s   chariot.

9765. Then the chariots of Rama    as well   as Ravana   wandered  straight for the battle, And due to that  the cloud collections  became weak in all directions  ,And becoming exhausted went away   and   the groups of star changed their positions,And became   and fell like dust   and the  tall peaks of mountains   broke up.

9766.  Those chariots   would go around each other  in clockwise  directions,And after  rotating several times would touch the sky as well as the earth  ,At other times they would go from left to right  and the tops of mountains, And the whole universe would  rotate  like potter’s wheel and start shivering.

9767. Within that short time when a  black gram can roll , those   chariots  ,Were capable of going around the earth   and even the experience  devas,Were not   able to tell , “this is Rama ‘s chariot   and this is Ravana ‘s chariot”,And   they were looking like two lustrous shapes going round.

9768. The Stars  which did not fall being hit by their wheels,The mountains   which did not melt when fire sparks came  out,When they hit each other  , the directions which did not split  ,And beings that did not vomit   became    scarce   to be seen.

9769. ,Devas some times   would say that  those who fight  were in Indra LOka,And some times say on the moon   and  some times   would say,In  the place of Brahma who lives on a flower and would,Some times say , “No, no, they are on  the Mandhara mountains.”

9770. Those devas   who knew what is happening at a   distance  ,Would say they  both are in the middle  of ocean of milk,And say “They are  in the western sea”, and some times,Say “in the east”and  some times say that thunder lives on the wheels of their chariots.

9771. Some   times they will ask, “Have they come back to the earth?”,And some other time ask, “Has the sky split and have they fallen down”,They  would ask , “Have they gone to Patala  ?”  sometimes  ,They would enquire, “Are these the horses from their chariots?”And say  “This is the new wind, The world   has been destroyed”

9772.  And those   chariots  wandered like the storm at   deluge  ,In seven oceans  , seven islands  and seven mountains  ,With the boundary wall of the universe  as their limit ,And became one without rest.

9773. As if  the seven seas  which were   dressing   the earth ,Seven worlds   and the islands in between them,The seven mountains   were kept as pledged   goods by Ravana,The weapons that he threw fell on them like   rain drops.

9774. The weapons thrown by Ravana   did not stay any where  ,And  in all the places they travelled   would destroy the worlds   and wander,While  the great Rama except breaking and cutting   those weapons  ,Did not undertake any act with anger in the midst of the  war.

9775. That   storm at deluge   which   was churning   the mountains  ,The oceans  , the lustrous worlds at top and bottom  ,And all the worlds through which it travelled  ,Within a second    reached   the city  of Lanka.

9776. The horses   which drew   those chariots as managed by those  ,Expert charioteers   went round  all the worlds . whose number,Is three times the  number of  sand particles on the sea beach  .,Did not get tired at all   and did not also   sweat .

9777. Ravana whose heart was burning  using an arrow  ,With the crescent tip   made the pretty flag which was flying high,On the chariot of Indra, with a mark  of thunder  in it, fall on the earth.

9778. AS soon as that  great thunder   which fell down in to the  deep ocean,Making great sound   it turned   in to a very great fire    and like  a,Huge strong iron bar   which was heated   red hot  falling in water  ,All the water   in that ocean got   completely dried up.

9779. At that time Ravana   hit deeply   the horses  of Rama ‘s chariot,Which does not have death  like    the writings of great poets  ,And sent twelve cruel arrows   and hit the chest  of the great Matali.

9780. The arrow which entered    the chest of  just  Matali  , caused ,Great sorrow to Rama , which was more than  the sorrow he felt,When   that black king of Rakshasa  hit   the  pretty chest of  Lakshmana with a spear.

9781. The devas who  do not blink their eyes   were  not able to see Rama,Because   the several groups and groups of  cruel arrows ,Which were  looking like the  split  crescent  of the moon,Sent from the well bent bow  of Ravana   which was like rain bow  .

9782. The very strong Devas  due to  the wrong feeling that ,Rama had been defeated  became scared   and The enemies shouted joyfully   and both   in the earth  ,And the  world of Devas   there were no movement of wind  ,And their    universe   were taken back.

9783. The fire lost its natural glow  , the ocean did not rise and go down,And did not have  any movement  , the Sun did not  move in the sky  ,And went astray and returned  , the  rain water from clouds got dried up.

9784. The planet mars speedily entered   the Visaka star  ,The eight   elephants of the directions   which normally  ,Produce rut stood losing their pride  , the oceans did not move  ,And were scared to make any sound  and ,The tall Meru mountain   started    shaking  .

9785. The king of monkeys   and   the younger brother Lakshmana,Became  sad like   the  forest  elephants missing their chief ,Knowing that their leader   could not be seen   and other ,Warriors   were pained  like the fishes   of the ocean.

9786. Rama   within a second removed and destroyed  all the arrows sent by Ravana  ,And with speed  went near that Rakshasa    and using a collection of arrows,He caused    great   pain to the Rakshasa and devas  got consoled.

9787. Rama  who happily lives with   those  beings   who take him as food,Sprayed  very  long arrows which can only be compared with themselves,So that the mountain like bows held  in pillar like hands  of Ravana  are cut.

9788. That matchless  greatly lustrous God  who though his yogic sleep, Can feel  and know  everything , sent  lustrous   sharp arrows with spreading heat,So  that it can pierce the armour of Ravana    which does not have any joints.

9789.  Rama  using his   arrows with  attached flesh cut and fell   the  flag,Of Ravana  Whose cloth is attached to directions  , which causes  torrential rain  ,Which had a part like the flower bud   and  which had on it,The musical instrument Veena   along with untied    hair,

 9790. Like the ocean which rises   at the end of final deluge  ,Garuda who  had a huge form like   a huge ocean, when the arms of Ravana   got reducedFor the sake of removing the sorrow of Devas    came to the earth  ,And fanned with his wings in several places   and  ,Attached himself   to the flag  on the chariot of Rama .

9791. When that Garuda   who  goes round  in a clock wise fashion  ,The world surrounded   by the matchless  ocean  ,Came and attached himself as the   flag of Lord Rama,The Devas thought  “WE would now not think about,Only our needs , because   the angry Garuda   has climbed on Lord’s chariot.

9792. In that circumstance  , That Ravana who can cause great destruction ,Understanding that  his arrows cannot harm that matchless    Rama  ,Who is the lord who can feel that which can be felt   , sent an evil arrow   ,Called  Thamasa    which can cause   darkness   every where .

9793. Some of the arrows that  started from that arrow   were having faces that spit fire,Some had faces   drenched in blood  , some had   faces like Devas  ,Some had faces of ghosts   some had faces  that enter the mouth of the cave Some had wind like face   and they all   came like   serpents  with stripe.

9794. These arrows  from the beginning  of the direction   till the end of that,Direction  show on both sides   their teeth   and they could act   ,After great deal of thought  and had capacity to drink Sun along with the moon.

9795. On  one side there was darkness   spread  and another light due to bright   sun,On one side  there would be cyclone    and  another rain would continue ,On one side   the wheels would make sound   and another sound of thunder  would be heard,On one side   there would be loss of consciousness and another side  there would be rain of stones.

9796. When things were happening like this  , the pitch darkness  covered ,All the seven worlds  and  due to it   all the being  wailed with an open mouth,And evil acts   were being enacted everywhere   and sorrow also spread everywhere  ,That  pure Rama   in a proper   way thought    about this.

9797. He then took  the matchless   arrow of Lord Shiva who had  an eye,On his forehead   and as soon as he sent it   within a   second ,It drank that Thamasa arrow , just like the effects of dream,Vanishes as soon as one wakes up  , the effect of THamasa arrow disappeared.

9798. Noticing that his Thamasa arrow was destroyed like the lie  which saw  ,The truth , Ravana   who had fire spitting eyes and folded mouth ,Sent chosen   cruel arrows  which had the power and    the cruel wings   of the eagle So that they   would go and hit the  body of Rama who controls  his enemies and shouted,

9799. After shouting  he sent an arrow called Asura   which had got praise from devas,Which filled up stomach of God of death by sweet souls  , which made Indra greatly surprisedAnd which was greatly cruel , in view of everybody   aimed    at the body of Rama.

9800. The devas standing as crowd everywhere   thinking   that  this  arrow,Would swallow   this entire  world in a second  were greatly upset,And were wailing   because they were scared and  at that time,Rama  took arrow of fire God   and destroyed   the arrow of Ravana ,Like   the  powerful thunder  in the crowds   catching fire.

9801. Then Ravana   sent within a second several  hundreds  of crores,Of arrows  which would not miss their aim even if God of Death  misses,Which could drink all the water  of the sea  ,  which can   make ,Meru mountain in to powder  , which is followed even by  great storms  ,And which were   trying to cross   all the worlds.

9802. Some warriors   would wonder   and say  “What   a great speed of hand?”,And get surprised  ,, others would say, “This is also an illusion   and not arrows.”,Some would say with surprise  “Is there  sufficient  place for   this   arrows?”,And others would think, “never before   has any one   carried out a  fight  like this.,”

9803. That  Lord who was the primeval one of  the Vedas ,  within a  second ,For  destroying   the evil arrows with wings  ,  which were  covering   the sky,Used  cruel arrows with   crescent like tips   and broke them open from,From their big head   up to the bottom .

9804. Ravana   who was the greatest among those  in  all the worlds  ,Created  by Lord Brahma   who have  done great penance and get benefitted ,Decided, “Now I will   use a new arrow   which would   do different types   of war,”And sent  on Rama the son of Dasaratha   ,  the arrow  of  Maya.

9805. Due to the arrow that he has sent   the  devas got scared   that  ,He would   completely burn and destroy all the worlds   and become speechless.The commanders of the monkey army also thought “ we are  destroyed”And dispersed    from there   and  Rama   the matchless lord of the good  ,Understood about that arrow.

9806. Seeing that arrow which was coming as if saying  “ to the people ,Who live in this broad worlds     which is carried by the innumerable  heads of Adhisesha,There is no further chance of living  “  and Rama   who had broad  and strong shoulders ,Decorated by   several types of precious gems  , using a  great and cruel arrow,Called   Gandharwa   ,  which  won over   that   arrow   also.

9807.  That  Ravana with ten heads  then thought  , “I have a rod  which wasCreated by  Brahma which was the cause  of Hiranya   to conquer   all these   worlds    and ,Which was previously held by an Asura   called Madhu   and using  it,I would kill this enemy ,”  and  he threw   that   rod at Rama .

9808-9809..   That  Danda(rod) , which  helped   Daruka   to destroy the Devas ,Which was similar to the matchless  Meru mountain and the Mandhara  mountain,Which  shined like Sun,  which had the property   that it cannot be  rolled,By the entire world even if tries for an eon , which had crushed the heads of Asuras ,Which had in olden times   drunk   the entire ocean filled   with   pure water  ,And which had   luster  much greater than that of the Sun   came and  the Devas thought  ,That it would  break the universe like an intestine   and destroy it ,And all people became dispirited , the sky became empty   and Mandhara mountain got scared.

9810. Seeing this scene  that Rama with lotus like eyes using an  arrow  ,Which cannot be even seen by the thousand eyed Indra.Which had   hundred   globes in it  and  had the lustrous face  of lotus  ,Cut  that arrow   in to hundred  of pieces and dispersed it.

9811. Thinking that “Our enemy who is going to be destroyed ,Is exhibiting   his power  with arrows and there is no use  ,In sending  arrows like the ghost that cannot be destroyed  ,And so I would send Mayasthra   so  that this   enemy cannot escape  ,And destroy him along   with the weapons that  he posseses.”

9812. After offering worship to the Mayasthra   and saluting  ,Lord Shiva who he usually salutes, after thinking  of the sage ,As well as meter, he sent Mayasthra    using his bow  with an order,“Go   in all ten directions and sky   without being tamed  by any body.”

9813. As soon as he sent that  Mayasthra   there was as illusion ,By which it appeared   as if   all the  Rakshas bodies   felled by ,The cultured Rama  and Lakshmana  in to pieces ,And all the numerous bodies which fell    with very many wounds  ,Got life again   and came again to fight   and they appear to make   a huge sound.

9814. Indrajit  , his brother Athikaya  , all great army leaders  ,And many other  commanders   , other ministers  ,And   many other countless  people  seem to hide the entire sky  ,And   raised   huge   sound   that made   even the rain  to shatter.

9815. , The mountain like Kumbhakarna    with pot like  ears ,And other warriors  , the Moola Bala army   of Ravana   ,And all the   elephant  , chariots  and horses   and ,Different type of vehicles   joined together and came there.

9816. Making al the  people living  on the four directions    surprised  ,The army estimated   as thousand Vellam   by wise people  ,And all the  very angry ocean like army which earlier died   in the battle field  ,AS if they got back their soul   because  of a  boon     from Lord Shiva   , filled up everywhere.

9817. They started going everywhere   after telling ”Did   you   win over us only?Is there  a possibility of our dying ? we will   show our strength  today ,Come , come  “ addressed to the   warriors   who killed   them  ,Challenging them , making the Devas and sages  run away  .

9818. Due to the illusion  several serpents led by Adhisesha   came out ,Digging  holes on earth, they   rose up above the earth ,with great speed,The  mountain  like crocodiles which live   in the water   were found    saying , this  is not,The proper  place   for them to live   and sky is a better place to live  rose up,And  the ghosts  which were born  by illusion    were seen wearing   curved ear globes.

9819. Those army of illusion   who were   born out of Mayasthra ,Which were capable of destroying Dharma  , made   sages who did not go in untruth  ,And did a Yaga   which is liked by Lord Brahma   , dejected in mind  ,And with shining weapons   appeared   in a peculiar  manner.

9820. Those who were dead but got up alive later , who have   teeth  shining like the moon,Who  have increased effects of illusion  , who are   spread like a wide ocean,Appeared miraculously wearing  pearl garland   and came   near.

9821. They who were  like the lion that jumps  , Yali with bent   manes  ,Who were capable  of preventing the war  in all the directions and the world,Who   were like the jumping fire at deluge  and tumultuous  ocean,Armed themselves with lustrous thunders   and cruel weapons,

9822. Seeing this   state of affairs , Rama , the consort of goddess Lakshmi,Asked Matali  “Is  this illusion   or has   it occurred    due to fate  ,Or is it it due to power of boons obtained by Rakshasas wearing anklets,Or has it happened due   to other reasons , if you know  please tell.” And Matali replied.

9823. ”Oh Lord who is the colour of rich cloud appearing  in times of famine  ,The ignorant Ravana who has a  shoulder which has been pierced   by the strong  tusk,Of the    elephants of direction  has offered  you , who is a blacksmith  ,A needle in which a thread can be introduced     for price ,And has sent against you    the  difficult to escape Mayasthra.”

9824. “Oh Lord  who  cures sickness   of birth cycle   and fate  that  leads to it  ,To those who chant    your name , by your    great arrow this power  of MayasthraWould vanish   like  the birth cycle coming to an end   to those who meditate on you,And  like the matchless power of chant that   removes the poison  ,From the fangs   of the cruel snakes   with white teeth.”

9825. That Rama  who stands outside the limit   of being saluted  ,Or searched by the Upanishads    which are   the head of the Vedas ,Send the powerful arrow of Jnana(wisdom)  with a request  ,“ Either by your boons or illusions   or due to your great power  ,You please chase out    the  power of this Mayasthra,”

9826  . As soon as Rama sent it that Jnanasthra   which is great and very harsh, It removed the power   of that Mayasthra just like  one who due  to ignorance,, Forgetting   his state   and getting tied up by illusion getting rid  of it,When the nature of not following Dharma  is changed and good  feelings enter in to him.

9827. The blue necked Lord Shiva  , Lord Vishnu with wheel   and lord Brahma  ,Born out of a lotus   decided   about the time   when the soul of  that cruel  Rakshasa ,Should be taken and That Ravana   who made all   the  devas    as his servants,With an idea of destroying all that he saw   , took the   spear in his hand.

9828. Rama   saw the spear  sent  by  cruel  , Ravana wearing the heroic anklets ,Which was coming making the sound of  thousand Kandams  ,Which made   those devas    who saw it get worried  ,Which is capable   of burning   the strength    and clan   of  those warriors  ,Who were opposing it   and which is   capable of burning everything.

9829. That burning three headed spear   came creating  scare  with  three  types of fire  ,And   made the devas   run away  when it spun  , making the monkeys   run away ,Which was spreading its great luster   in all the    stable    worlds  with everybody looking at it.

9830. Ravana told the spear  “Please go”   and devas   became jaded ,And said, “Oh Lord only you can destroy this and it cannot be destroyed  ,By anyone else  and please  win over   the cruel spear  with big mouth,Which is coming   towards  you like God of death  , Please register   your victory.”

9831. The cruel arrows     sent by Rama   which by their speed  was,Even jolting thunder   and which was   proceeding like   a cyclone  ,Were  not able to  give result  and  got destroyed  like the  ,Evils done by atheists   failing to  harm  the great one who have wisdom sight.

9832. That   Rama who protects    the world went on sending all the strong weapons,Of the Devas continuously  and they like  lie and soft cotton  broke  down.Then the lord understood  the power of  that  hot spear  and stood there helplessly.

9833. The devas  got scared  thinking that Rama has forgotten how to act  and has left off,The job of opposing the  enemies and with dharma shivering  and getting thoroughly confused,Rama who was born as man  stood without understanding his divinity.And that spear neared him making all those who were witnessing it scared.

9834. When that spear came for destroying , with spitting fire , with ringing bells,And speedily came opposite  to the chest of Rama who was wearing lot of pearl garlands,He with  great hatred and great rage said “Hum” and with that  sound that  spear  was destroyed.

9835. The Devas got back their  soul and shouted  with great  joy and lost their fear,They filled all places  by a rain of flowers and they  also danced and saluted Rama and told,“You who have destroyed that spear , please  become  the fire   that will burn away  all our problems.”

9836. Ravana who was under the impression that  the spear  sent by him  would not,Go away without killing  the enemy , stood staring at Rama who with his  peculiar sound,Of “hum”  destroyed it and made  in to powder. Then accepting that  he has  defeated him,’Respected him for that , recollected the advice of Vibheeshana who gave it when Hanuman burnt Lanka.

9837. He thought with great surprise, “he is destroying the   power  of all my great  boons,“Is he lord Shiva?, no”, “is he Lord Brahma?, no””Is he Lord Vishnu?no”“is he the one who got great power due to performing penance? He does not,Seem to have the great ability  to do that and since he is none of these,Is he the primeval God who is  the root cause  of all  the  Vedas”

9838. ”Let him be whoever he is, I would change from my heroic stance,And would achieve victory standing before him as I am well known  ,For my valour  in all the three worlds. If it is true that he who directly ,Would kill, then the straight fame  would stand firmly on its  roots,Whatever happens, I would not return”, thinking like this he started  sending arrows.

9839. He then meditated in his heart the   victorious arrow of  Niryathi ,The guardian of directions and that  arrow reached his hands immediately,And he mounted it on his bow which would destroy  all the honours  of God of death,And with his blood red eyes  spitting fire, he sent it to destabilize  the world.

9840. That arrow which made  Adhi Sesha  with big  head who carries the world scared ,Came with several rows of heads, with measureless  hoods  , mouths and bodies ,Having more weight  compared  to the huge Meru mountains  and entered.

9841. They  were like the mouths  of Ghost From each  of whose mouth,Water was falling like a sea which has more of poisonous water, from whose eyes,Fire sparks were  coming out , which were  crowding and making  the sky not visible ,And which had shining   white  teeth.

9842. It looked  as if that arrow would definitely  bite  Rama and after wardsWould definitely drink this wide world  along with its oceans and the merciless Rakshasa,For the sake of troubling the  world   , would completely destroy it and he  would powder it,And those arrows  with heads of serpents  came spitting smoke.

9843. Those natural serpents dancing   with their open hoods  came as if they ,Were going to swallow  the big mountains with their mouth and Rama after  seeing them,And thinking that serpents have covered  everywhere chose the real arrow  of Garuda,Which never misses  its aim and sent  it against them.

9844. Making one wonder  where those   crowds  have disappeared,And the world was  seen filled  with Garudas  which were of golden colour, had beak, nails,And mature wings , which was flying with speed of wind with its cruel  feathers,And was looking more  like the  world of Devas.

9845. Those  innumerable  number of birds  were seen spitting great fire .Using  their mouths  which cannot be moved and were   looking like saying,“We would defeat this Lanka  which cannot be defeated   by burning it ,And it looked as if  all the devas were  holding lamps  to light up the earth.

9846. The shining gem on the head  of the serpents were like a collection ,Of burning  fire , and those Garudas  as if they  were  stealing away  lotus stems,Picked them by their claws  and using their sword like beaks ate  them.

9847. At that time  the Rakshasa became   one with boiling   heart,And  became one one breaths long and gives   out fire sparks,Due to very great anger    and  threw   several thunder  like  hot arrows,So that   there   did not seem to be any place   in earth and heavens.

9848. Due to the very cruel arrows of Rama hitting them   on  their sharp mouth  ,The  very speedy arrows which  were sent by Ravana   fell down   and some arrows,Entered    the chest   of  the great   Ravana   and their tips were visible  outside his chest.

9849. That  Ravana   who with great strength  fought   in an equal manner  ,With Lord Shiva and who lifted  the Kailasa   mountain on his   shoulders  ,Forgot the   magical tricks that   he had learnt   and due   to that Their divinity was  lost   and Rama’s strength   started   increasing  .

9850. That Rama who is the truth in te Vedas   chanted  by Learned Vedic pundits,Realizing that   it was  the proper time   to cut off   the head   of  Ravana,Who was topmost among the cruel people  , sent,One crescent of moon arrow , cut his best head off and made it fall down.

9851. Due to  hit  by the   arrow of Rama  , just like the tip  of the Meru mountain  ,Got  broken and fell in to the sea   in the    war  between the blowing wind  and Adhisesha,The big head   of Ravana   fell on that day along with fire and reached the sea.

9852. All the people who live  on the sky jumped to the earth, and jumped and danced  , So that  the Trikuta mountain   became damaged , threw their   upper cloth  ,As well cloth tied on their waist  , they sang praises of Rama   , prayed and  jumped.

9853. Just like   due to the karma    done   the  dead soul   being   born  again immediately,Without forgetting its earlier   position  , with folded   lips due to anger  ,The head of Ravana grew up at that same spot and can this   happen,Without him having    great  penance    earlier.

9854. With a thought realizing  that , “that which was cut has   not been cut  “,As soon as the arrow cut it , a new head grew up there  immediately  And with great anger  , just like the roaring  of rain , it abused  the great  Rama.

9855. And that head  with eyes of poison    which went with great speed in to the sea  , just like  ,It was picked up    by the peak of the mountain  , went every where ,And as if it was   drinking   the   tumultuous water   of the ocean,Which had the colour    of the cloud   shouted and made  great  sound.

9856. That Ravana   who was shouting   making even the   great thunder scared  ,Became greatly angry  knowing   that Rama has cut off his head  , sent    fourteen arrows,And hurt the    shoulders   of Rama    who is like  matchless letter “A”  among the vowels.

9857. After realizing that  Ravana has got a boon that  if  his  head is cut off ,It would grow again  ,  Rama   who held the stable   divine wheel  ,Cut off  the   hand of evil Ravana   which was holding  ,The bow    which had shape  of crescent    and made   it fall down.

9858. That  hand which was    cut due to being hit by   the victorious  and harsh arrow  of Rama,Was   quickly replaced    by another   hand which easily    caught   hold of his bow,And no one   was able to realize  that  a hand has been cut and a new one grown.

9859. Ravana who wanted to break   the pretty   hands  of the Charioteer of Rama ,And  to reduce his strength   threw his hand  which was cut by Rama  ,And which was holding a bow  which was like lightning , using his hairy hand.

9860. As soon as that   thick  big hand thrown by Ravana   who was   having a lustrous  ,Diamond sword   , hit Matali on his chest  , he who had great  ebbing strength  in his mind,Lost his   balance    with  blood     pouring   out  of his mouth.

9861. Ravana   who had received   the naturally sharpened   sword ,Which has not been sharpened  after   singing   Sama Veda from hands of Shiva  ,Sent a thomara    to kill Matali who was already  suffering due to hit by his hand.

9862.  Making people think that   the life span of Matali would  be put an end ,By today itself   that Thomara came    spitting huge flames   of fire ,Rama who rules all others   and had a bow ,Sent a matchless    arrow of  five faces  and powdered that  Thomara,

9863. That Rama   who is the matchless  lord of wisdom  , with a great speed ,Of his hand   without let off   sent thousand arrows  , which go far  ,With each of them giving    rise   to hundreds   of arrows which would make things roll.

9864. The several cut heads  of Ravana   fell   on the   tides  of oceans,On different types of land  , on  all the special mountains ,On all directions   and in all places   which are visible to the eye , making great sound.

9865. These heads   split open by arrows of Rama   went and  dashed,Against huge mountains  , went and dashed   against stars  in   the wide sky,And they entered   the ocean  and sucked all water of  the sea   including   Chura fishes.

9866. Is it not true that   once the    result of good deeds   done over,Several years get over  , all the  other things like fame   would get damaged?The Ghosts which you salute and   go round Ravana   now,Uprooted the eyes from  the cut heads   and  ate them.

9867. That    very strong Ravana   threw    sword  , spear  , Pestle,Vajrayudha   ,mace   and the   axe which would trouble like  God of death  ,Which he was   holding  on his shoulders  , like   a thunder.

9868. When Ravana    threw such weapons on him  , Rama the personification  ,Of masculine nature  . thought that  he would   think about  newer methods  ,And decided  that he would  decorate  the entire body of Ravana   with arrows.

9869. On his chests and shoulders   which defeat cloud by their colour,On his   eyes and teeth    which    defeat  the poison,And on all  the other body parts of that   deceiver Ravana  ,Rama sent arrows and covered them like    a nest.

9870. All his  mouths were filled up with arrows of Rama  ,His eyes were all hidden by Rama’s arrows   and  those arrows ,And the arrows    that struck his body   went out before the oozing of blood,And all the entire environment was    filled by Rama’s arrows.

9871. Due   to long   arrows   entering in each of his hair pores,And without   taking his life   went outside his body,Though his mind was filled    with vengeance and anger  ,He  lost his power   and  sorrowed because he was spent up.

9872. That Ravana who in earlier   times   had gone  to all places  of Devas,And went there  In procession   with blood flowing    from his body  ,Killing the crocodiles   , lost his conscience    and was lying on the chariot.

9873. Seeing that  the Devas jumped and danced    with great glee  ,And the  evil karma   got mentally upset   and fell after sweating  ,And then his charioteer , thinking that  he has become tired of the battle  ,Went back   and  parked   that golden chariot looking the other way  .

9874. That   Rama who was  born as an incarnation   to protect  the Devas,Saw Ravana   falling down senseless   after  letting slip  his weapons  ,Taking in to account the Dharma of war  , stopped   sending arrows.

9875. Matali  told Rama “If Ravana regains consciousness   nothing can be done ,And so kill him    when he   is lying there   with difficulties”,And then Rama   who is  like a male   lion replied   to him as follows.

9876. ”Is it Dharma   to kill one  who is senseless  and  from whose  hands,All weapons have slipped away   and is suffering   great sorrow  ,By going away    from the Dharma of war   and I feel  ,That the proper Dharma   is going away from these   base methods.”

9877. ”Which among those  scared merciless Rakshasas  riding on  golden chariots   with handle,  Would not salute Rama   with folded hands  , after  thinking about his heart    which  follows Dharma,And That Ravana    regained consciousness   again making the  Devas  scared.

 9878. That Evil Ravana    who had   eyes    that were   reflecting cruelty  ,As soon as he   woke up   did  not see  Rama riding   on the famous chariot  ,And seeing  his  charioteer from the back  , stared   at  him with ebbing anger.

9879. ”You have  turned the chariot and driven it back   when Devas   ,Were   witnessing it  and made   that Rama  holding a valorous  bow  ,Smile    at me  making fun of me  “  and then started hating   that charioteer.

9880. ”Oh evil one who cannot be tolerated   , as I was under the impression,That   you would protect me   , You are leading  a life of wealth  and comfort,And   as a compensation to all that  , you made   my enemies    think,That  I am one scared   of war .Would you   continue to live”,Saying this Ravana   suddenly stood  up .

9881.  Looking at the sword of Ravana by the corner   of his eyes  ,Moved near to Ravana’s feet   and saluted them by bowing his   head  ,And told him, “Be kind enough to hear    my words   and please put out ,Your anger    which is  like the   fire at deluge “ and continued to tell.

9882. ”Oh Lord  , When I noticed that   your valorous strength   was reducing, Thinking that  if you continue to remain in that place  ,Your soul would be taken away from you   and to remove your sorrow  ,I did bring    the chariot this way   and  my action was truthful.”

9883. ”It is the   duty of the charioteer   when  he decides   that  ,Definitely death would come   to his lord  based on the  strength  ,As well as  his tiresomeness  to a take action to  help him recover.Your deciding me   to punish with the sword is improper , please understand my intention.”

9884. When the charioteer begged him like this , Ravana thought about it  ,And taking mercy upon him   told him , “Drive my victorious chariot again.”And then his chariot went   and stood against the chariot   of Rama,And the evil Ravana gain faced    Rama in war.

9885. And he then sent  crores of arrows which were  more cruel,That even the God of death on Rama   as if to tell  him that,He was not the old  Rakshasa  but a new one   with the sword,And fought  a very ferocious war   and those   who saw that   war were  scared,

9886. Like the formation of the sentence , “If there is light  , there is fire”,Rama thought that as long as bow was   hanging on shoulder of Ravana  ,It would not be possible to defeat him  , he sent a matchless arrow which could even swallow thunder.

9887.  Rama sent the Narayanasthra and cut off    the long   bow of Ravana,Who won over   the elephants    which support   and carry the lady earthAnd cut that   fearful   bow in to two  pieces .

9889. When that bow which  was made   by Lord Brahma   was cut off ,By the arrow of Narayana      who has thousand   names   and fell down,Devas   jumped with excess joy   and felt  that,They got great result for great penances done by them.

9890. He whose chest made the tusks of the   elephants of direction brake  ,Making the Goddess   Lakshmi who stays on the chest   of Rama  move away,Sent iron pestle  , spear  , mace  , pointed stick  , sword  ,And the Kappana which spits fire while    going   on Rama.

9891. After cutting all the weapons that   were   sent by Ravana  ,Rama who   has removed all  faults    from himself, heaped all of them in the broad seaAnd after understanding that   all  the weapons he sent,Could not win over   Ravana  , got engaged  in search for more suitable weapons.

9892. When he thought  over he remembered   the weapons  which were smaller,Than the   small dusts of sand   and those  which were tinier than the thoughts of wise people  ,Went  deep inside the   black eye balls  of Ravana  and  ,They went inside  his old wounds   but they were ineffective ,And he started   thinking   about  what  should be done.

9893. Then Rama   for the sake of killing Ravana , took the arrow ,Of the four faced Lord Brahma   who was born on the lotus from belly ,Of Lord Vishnu  and decided that  he would send  it  ,Aimed   at the heart of that sinner   and took a firm decision.

9894. That handsome Rama  took that arrow  of that Brahmin who was primeval  ,To all beings  , worshipped it  , kept it   on  the string of his bow ,And pulled it  keeping on his  shoulders which  were like Meru mountain.

9895. That one belonging   to the clan of the  Sun God  ,  send that arrow,Which was made for  Lord  Shiva  for burning the three   cities  ,Which was used  by him to put a hole   on the Maramara   trees,And which was   used  him to kill Vali  , aiming   at the chest  ,Of the king of Rakshasas which  does not  mind  being hit,By sharpened arrows   and which was shining  like fire.

9896. The Brahmastra    which left the  hand of Rama  who is lord Vishnu,Went with the speed   which was not attained  by wind and the cruel fire,And went with four faces   which belonged    to the   four directions,And  went  due to the power of root chant of Lord Brahma   towards Ravana.

9897. The   intense cruel light  of that arrow  , removed all the darkness ,And just like    the Sun at    Deluge   and just like matchless fire worm,Flew  outside the horizon  and the  oceans filled    with   water.

9898. At that instant  that  Brahmastra   along    with the divine  wheel of Rama,Who  has the best character   among males  entered   the chest  of Ravana,And made   the earth as    well as   all directions   startled.

9899. That divine arrow sent by Rama  ,   after   taking away the three crore,Years life span of Ravana , The  result of great penance   done by him with  great effort,The boon given to him by Lord Brahma   the first among the Devas   ,That he cannot be killed by  any of the thirty three   crore Devas And the   great power of his shoulders   which helped  him conquer  ,All the three   worlds and eight directions  , entered in to his chest  ,Rotated all over his body  , took away his soul and went outside .

9900. With the  joyfully shouting   Devas  , Brahmins as    well as   sages ,Reciting blessing , with the shower of rain   following   it ,That  black mountain arrow went   and took its divine bath in    the ocean of milk  ,After   rising up from the ocean of   blood that flowed from body of Ravana,Who was having a mountain like   chariot  , again reached   the quiver of Rama.

9901. Ravana who was like the crown to the   clan of   the  Rakshasas,Just like thunder falling out  from the black cloud, who    was bleeding  hot blood ,From  his  twenty strong shoulders  and  from the  mountain like chest  ,Decorated   by garlands   with the gem studded   ornaments breaking  ,With fire   coming out of   his war like    eyes  fell down,From the chariot on the earth   with   face hitting the earth.

9902. Those  ten faces  of  dead  Ravana who had   gone away from path of Dharma  ,Was like  one  with great anger   which has subsided  ,with mind subsided  ,With tricks in his mind subsided  , with enmity destroyed  , with  the twenty fight hands,Losing    their power to fight  , with passion to Sita    dying away   and   with   eroded strength ,Were shining   three times better   making   the sages  ,Who have   conquered   themselves  bow their head in shame.

9903. When  Rama ordered  Matali, “Please    get down the golden chariot on to earth”, And when that charioteer was bringing  down the chariot  to the earth   immediately,Rama who had a  very lovable form   and who was the darling who made   Dharma grow,Saw  clearly  the dead Ravana   from whose body    blood was being splattered  up to heaven,

9904. Then Rama gave   leave to go by saying  “You please  take the chariot   ,And go back to heaven  “ and that   consort of goddess Lakshmi  ,Surrounded by  his younger brother  and   several  of   the army chiefs ,Went out of the battle field  and with a pleasing mind   saw carefully,The dead body of Ravana who was lying  on the earth dead after fighting great war.

9905. Numerous monkeys  as if they were dancing on a mountain  with joy,Danced and jumped  on the   head, shoulders    and broad back   of Ravana.Is there  a need to find   similarity  to  the wealth   which  goes   to  down trodden  Without any hesitation and does not bother about bigness   or lowly nature   of people ,After   the fall of Ravana  ?  Is not the wealth of the base people , like a water bubble?”

9906. On the back of Ravana  lying next to  the greatly spread   scented ,Flower garlands which he had been wearing which are  being,Ploughed by the   bees  , like a pretty ornament  ,Were  the  large number scars  made by the    elephants   of the direction,Which had   very  thick hands    were like the   red crescent moon  ,Which wanders  around thick forests   of clouds, with its stains difficult   to see.

9907.   When Rama who had pretty eyes  like lotus flower   with anger,Caused   by  the thought about Lady Sita   of very tender nature  ,Saw    the  back  side of the  proud Ravana   and saw the long  red scar  ,Of tear , Rama smiled   making    fun of Ravana    and started   saying.

9908. ”Though Ravana has been truly recognized  as one    who has conquered ,All the three   worlds  , he   died today due   to my arrows” and due to this  ,If you examine   my victorious  shoulders  . you would  find it shining  greatly  ,But   this Ravana seem to have retreated   in some war,And has received  long red wounds on his back, showing that   he is inferior,”

99 09. “On one side though he has lifted the   mountain of  Lord Shiva himself  ,When I heard that he was once tied by  the Kartha Veerya, I used to be ashamed for him, And I am now seeing that  he has wounds on the back, when he retreated from the enemy.”

9910. ”Oh Vibheeshana who has a chest decorated by ornaments ,Now my enemies  who like to eat away everything   would eat away my fame,By laughing at me   sarcastically , for having achieved   victory  over  ,The very masculine Ravana   who has   shown his back   in the war  ,And thus this victory  has become a waste and the undying fame  ,Which is stable from the world  due to death of Ravana   would not reach me.”

9911. Vibheeshana who heard these  words from Rama  started  having,River like flowing tears , long breath ,constant sobbing and a burning heart  ,Told Rama,” Lord , please   do not tell the words   that should not be told”,And standing pitiably  , due to sorrow which no being can tolerate   told.

9912. ”Oh Lord , The defeat by Karthaveeryarjuna with thousand shoulders  ,And  by Vali of Ravana only happened    due to the curse  given to him by Devas,And now due to the sickness of passion that he has  towards  the lady,Who merits   to be saluted  more than a mother ,and due to your anger,He has been defeated and otherwise  which valorous warrior can defeat him.”

9913. ”Due to his going to the limits   of the world  and winning over everyone,He was not able to see  enemies anywhere and decided   that he would win  over,The mountain like elephants, which were   the guardians   of the directions ,Which with their tusks pierced his   chest , making them  come out of his back,And due to these only the scars  on his back are there,Because   which weapon of any of his enemies    can cause hurt to him.”

9914. “And  in the olden days all those tusks became ornaments  to the chest   of Ravana ,And due to the speed of  powerful arrows of God of death   who came booming a valorous conch,And due to  the cruel  hit by the fists   of the son of the wind God  , they came out of his back.

9915. ”Oh God  , except for those   scars  , even if  the poison swallowed   by lord Shiva,Wants to swallow the Lord himself, Or even if the poisonous serpents  ,Neared , Garuda  the king of birds   with a desire to kill him  , none of the weapons  ,Which are   in this world   or outside it   which cut off   enmity, would  be able to go near him.”

9916. ”Oh valorous   warrior , Lord Vishnu  who taking the form of a Boar ,Lifted the entire world   surrounded   by the sea   on his horn in the   early times,And many others like him    have undergone the  misery thinking  ,When they would be able   to get freedom from Ravana and  even if they hear,About the death of Ravana  by you, they would doubt it and would not come out.”

9917. Then Rama said, “Is it like that?” and got rid  of his suspicion and shame  ,And then looked  at his own shoulders  , looked    at Vibheeshana    and then told him,“Oh Vibheeshana,  it is not proper to be inactive   due to enmity    with the dead one?,You please perform   all the prescribed    death rites  to him  and repay your   debt.”

9918. After the Generous Rama told like that , for meeting with   very many Devas ,Who were very happy  , who had   got rid of all their sorrow ,Who were coming to salute him and who were   living   in various    worlds ,Rama went    seeking them and Vibheeshana    did the following.

9919. When the Lord   with great mercy   told him that  , “ The evil acts  ,Done  by him had split our mind as if it was   cut by the    sword,But it is fit to be pardoned and as  per tradition perform the death rites to him,”Vibheeshana fell on that  body of Ravana like a  mountain falling   on another   fallen mountain.

9920. Then Vibheeshana started   wailing with an open mouth  . making  ,All the beings on earth take mercy on him , and even Devas    and sages,Developing mercy in their heart  , so the affection   and sorrow ,Which was preventing   his detached   sensibilities  were getting  finished.

9921. ”Oh my elder  brother , who was the storehouse   of matchless  prowess,Who had taken birth as the deluge to the Devas , Who was the God of death   to all Devas,Contrary   to swallowing another being  as soon as you saw  , Janaki, the great poison.Which lead to your losing your life and you are a matchless  warriorAre lying there  like a  very common soldier in the battle field,Are you thinking  in your death my words though you thought that I should not be thought off,”

9922. ”Oh brother who had  the ability   to  take out the eyelids  of the elephants ,Of Direction so that they are   destabilized, I told you that   that your loving  ,A virtuous lady of a great clan  who is  loved   by another one liike her  soul,Would bring you unending bad  name  and are   you at least   now  ,Understanding that   the anger that you got against  me   then is wrong ?Has   your  greed   which went on  increasing   and lead To the destruction    of   your entire clan, came to an end , at least now?”

9923. ” I told you that, “Once  upon a time a lady   called Vedavathi   who curser  you,And  jumped in the fire       has come    now as this lady , Oh brother,With mountain like shoulders “ and without bothering about it  , you got angry  ,Which led to the destruction of your entire clan,  and even then,Without making Lord Rama as your friend  , you destroyed yourself  ,When I told you about   the strength of Rama   , you did not  understand it ,Have   you understood about it   at least now?”

9924. ”The boons given by Lord Brahma who sits on a scented lotus flower,And Lord Shiva who holds the   very sharp axe along    with ten heads,Have now broken in to dust and though    you did not understand his strength then,But at least   have you  understood  it today when you have reached his world  ,That  Rama    is the    god of all beings.”

9925. ”Have you reached   the heaven of heroes ?  or Have you reached   the land,Of your grand father Virincha   who is first and greater than all beings?Or Have  you attained   the  land of Lord Shiva who wears   the crescent on his head?Oh my elder brother , who without getting scared    took away your   soul ?Let it all be like that, has the   God of love   stopped the big games that he played with you?Did the moon who was   burning you with passion  become cool at least now?’

9926. ”That great sinner Soorpanakha  blamed you , That “you killed  your ,Brother in law   whom you have not killed “ and keeping that evil in her mind  ,Waited for proper time biting her lips with her teeth    and has she  ,Unburdened    her anger   on you now? Not knowing   whether  the good   and bad people ,Would be    in heaven or hell  and thinking that  they all would show enmity to you  ,You fell from the high pedestal   by your passion “On whose face   are you staring now?”

9927. ” Your hand   which had hugged   the  ladies of victoy  in war  ,  of the  knowledge  ,And  of the  fame  , wanted to hug the   great Goddess  Lakshmi like Sita  ,Who maintained divine chastity which is beyond the knowledge   of Devas  ,And because of that   you had to give up your life  , Oh mad person  who got bad name,With the chest   which broke the tusks of  elephants  of directions, ,Alas you are   hugging the  lady earth and lying   there.”

9928. Jambhavan , the king of bears lifted  Vibheeshana   who was greatly wailing    by his   hand ,And said, “Oh King with mountain like shoulders , who is not taking in to account the   effect of fate ,Have you become one with senses and feeling  , Are you  crying without getting consoled ?,Are   you getting drowned in sorrow ?” and Vibheeshana became consoled    and normal,And at  time   the daughter of Maya heard about what happened   to Ravana.

9929. At that time, followed by  endless lakhs   of   Rakshasa ladies  ,Who had untied their hair   which was decorated by flowers,And who were  Wailing and crying   came in a huge crowd alongWith Mandodhari, who was always  keeping her husband in mind.

9930. Like   the bad name to a  person who   does not take   takes care  of good beings andNot helped  by kindness  and charity  getting spread    all over the world  ,The sound of wailing    with an open mouth by the Rakshasis spread    all  over the world.

9931. With the toe ring getting   sorry   and like the anklets   wailing  ,From every tower   some  deva ladies   of Ravana    came  out   and saying  ,“From today enmity with Indra has come to an end  “ they  went to the heaven .

9932.  Some ladies    came  like clouds   from the sky  , with their call sounding like  thunder,Their beauty shining like lightning  , their ornaments  of ear  shining like bow  ,And tears   falling down like   rain from their eyes   and like  collection of clouds.

9933. They   came holding their hands above their heads  , with tears falling on their breasts  ,With a drooping face   and  they fell on the chest and shoulders   of Ravana  ,Like   the crowds  of swans   which fall on the   tides  of the ocean.

9934. Those  Rakshasa maidens   came in huge crowds    and divided the body of Ravana,In to head, legs  , the tree  like  shoulders   , chests   and all over his body,And hugged    the part   that was  chosen by them again and again.

9935. The only sorrow those   ladies had experienced till then  was parting with Ravana,For   those Rakshasis who were spending their time  thinking that , the only joyful,Time in their life was when   they spent it with him  , and they fell on his shoulders   ,Who was  the several times modeled perfection by the creator  and hugged  him like their soul.

9936. The Yaksha maidens  , The   Rakshasa  maidens  , the serpent maidens,The sidha maidens who never fainted   and   the  Vidhyadara  maidens,Due   to sharpness of their love  lost teir wisdom ,Avoided all other   methods  of endearment and started   hugging him.

9937. ”Have you  not still forgotten   Sita whom you  imprisoned,In your mind going against Dharma   , even after   your own death?You never gave us your flower like mouth  , did not  bother to see  us,And never were kind to us   and now you are dead “  Said they and cried.

9938. The daughter  of  Maya  fell on the  brave  and very great Ravana  ,Like lightning falling on   the   sea with lashing    tides  ,Started wailing   making even trees and  mountains melt  and told  like this.

9939. “oh mother, Oh my mother  , what shall  I  say   about  the state of cruel me,Should  I die after   the death of the  king of the Rakshasas? Have I left    that principle,Also from what I had been   observing  ? Was it by   that mistake  ,That the crown heads  of my husband fell before my death  ?Are those  heads lying   on the earth his heads  ?What   shall I say ?Poor  great Ravana,   should   his life   end like this ? alas.”

9940. ”Did the arrows of that matchless  one  search on the top and bottom of the body,Of the pretty body Of Ravana   who lifted   the Kailasa   mountain  ,Belonging to Lord Shiva who wears   the white  Yerukku   flowers  ,For finding out where  his soul is located  ?Did it think that   Sita   who decorated,Her hairs with flowers over which honey bees hover  must have been kept,In  his prison of mind and were  those arrows enter and search the  body for her?”

9941. Did those arrows of the  matchless   Rama  split his  chest decorated  ,By garlands of pearls   like  open caves   and  go  away and cross all the worlds,To a very long distance?  How did you lose   all your strength   and ,Fall down on the battle field    after losing all the boons also?Did one arrow of that man kill you who is   the great Ravana?I am not able to believe it .Has that one man so much strength.”

9942. ”The  great beauty   of Sita   who was like an ornament    for all women,Her chastity  , the love towards  her of Ravana with long  hands  ,The nose that   was lost by Soorpanakha  , The coming of  Rama,In sage’s garb   to the forest as per the order  of the  king of Kings Dasaratha,And lastly   the great  penance    done by Indra   brought  his end.”

9943. ”I was greatly confident thinking that   the end  Of you    who was  stronger  ,Than the  elephants of directions  , Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma   and Lord Vishnu  ,Would  never come   and I never thought   that is a man who is  matchlessly  strong,Could destroy    the great ocean like  penance done   by him,As well   as the boons that he had obtained  which were his protection.”

9944. I who am  proud of the large   number of boons that   were  received by him,Who had a life span of three  and half crore years   and whose  great   strength  ,Was  considered   by very greatly wise   people as one without  comparison,Never  realized that   the   ocean of  his boons which was  like a limitless ,Mily ocean with tides  , would be destroyed by the starter  called Lady Sita.”

9945. ”Who are the people who can understand    the nature  of the world fully ?That Ravana who  scared  al those fourteen worlds , has left his body here  ,And has  gone to heaven . How is it Rama  the man   with the greatness  of his boons ,Has   destroyed the personal victim of   the God of love   who  using   the  sugarcane  as his bow,The  bees as the string   and the flower arrows  used   to trouble him always?”

9946. Wailing like this loudly   , with a broken mind  , she hugged ,The  great chest of Ravana which was decorated  by many ornaments,With her tender hands   and calling him  , took a deep breath and lost her soul.

9947. All the Deva ladies  , Vidhyadhara  ladies ,Other  Rakshasa ladies  , the wives of great sages ,And  the human ladies with great chastity  praised Mandodhari.

9948. After this as per   custom  Vibheeshana     using  ,The  procedure that   was laid out by the great Vedas ,Collected all the needs for   funeral ceremonies  ,Raised the fire   and   with great sorrow  ,Kept  his very beautiful elder brother  on funeral pyre.

9949. That Vibheeshana who was shedding   more tears  ,Than a completely   filled up water  pot  ,After finishing all the  funeral rituals  ,Offered the daughter of Maya   who ,Died   along with her husband   as an offering   to  the fire.

9950. After performing necessary  funeral  rites as per   the books  .To all others  who have lost   their souls in the war   by  offering fire  ,And after  completing   the  water  ceremonies  Vibheeshana  ,Reached   the divine feet wearing  sound producing  ankletsWho is the one who is the only   help available to all.

9951. That Generous Rama seeing Vibheeshana    who saluted   his feet said,“Oh clear one  , remove   the  sorrow that  is completely filling  your mind,And that is the practice of all who came before us  ,And like this   that Rama  removed   the burden of   sorrow from heart of  Vibheeshana .

Download PDF (Kamba Ramayanam: Yudha Kandam 14 (Padalam 36)

Kamba Ramayanam: Yudha Kandam 14 (Padalam 36) – Kamba Ramayanam: Yudha Kandam 14 (Padalam 36)

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Kamba Ramayanam: Yudha Kandam 14 (Padalam 36)

About Kavichakravarthy Kamban

Kavichakravarthy Kamban
Kavichakravarthy Kamban

Historians place him in the 9th century CE, But surely Kamban belongs to the third great wave of Tamizh literature that started with the Sangam period (dated before the Common Era), followed by the widespread impact of Bhakti literature of the Alwars (vaishnavite saints) & Nayanamars (shaivaite saints). Kamban Authored Ramanaya in Tamil…Known as Kamba Ramayanam..

Kambar has been the milestone for the Tamil scholars that none had reached. He was also known as “Kamba Naatazhvar” at his time. Many Tamil authors from the modern world have written the books on the poet Kamban.


Who wrote Tamil Ramayana?

Kambar or Kavichakravarthy Kamban (1180–1250) was a medieval Tamil poet and the author of the Ramavataram, popularly known as Kambaramayanam, the Tamil version of the epic Ramayana.

What is the difference between Kamba Ramayanam and Valmiki Ramayana?

Valmiki Ramayana and Kamba Ramayanam are two versions of Ramayana written in the Sanskrit and Tamil languages respectively. … Kamba Ramayanam is originally called as Ramavataram. Although Valmiki Ramayana is the original version of the story of Rama, Kamba Ramayana is believed to be based on the work by Valmiki.

What is the story of Kamba Ramayanam?

The Kamba Ramayanam, is a Tamil epic that was written by the Tamil poet Kambar during the 12th century. Based on Valmiki’s Ramayana (which is in Sanskrit), the story describes the life of King Rama of Ayodhya.

How many Kandam are there in Kamba Ramayanam?

The book is divided into six chapters, called Kandam in Tamil. The Kandams are further divided into 123 sections called Padalam (படலம்) in Tamil. These 123 sections contain approximately 12,000 verses of the epic.

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Aranya Kandam
Kamba Ramayanam: Aranya Kandam 1 (Padalam 1)
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Kamba Ramayanam: Aranya Kandam 1 (Padalam 3)
Kamba Ramayanam: Aranya Kandam 1 (Padalam 4)
Kamba Ramayanam: Aranya Kandam 2 (Padalam 5)
Kamba Ramayanam: Aranya Kandam 2 (Padalam 6)
Kamba Ramayanam: Aranya Kandam 3 (Padalam 7)
Kamba Ramayanam: Aranya Kandam 3 (Padalam 8)
Kamba Ramayanam: Aranya Kandam 4 (Padalam 9)
Kamba Ramayanam: Aranya Kandam 4 (Padalam 10)
Kamba Ramayanam: Aranya Kandam 5 (Padalam 11)
Kamba Ramayanam: Aranya Kandam 5 (Padalam 12)
Kamba Ramayanam: Aranya Kandam 5 (Padalam 13)
Kishkinda Kandam
Kamba Ramayanam: Kishkinda Kandam 1 (Padalam 1)
Kamba Ramayanam: Kishkinda Kandam 1 (Padalam 2)
Kamba Ramayanam: Kishkinda Kandam 1 (Padalam 3)
Kamba Ramayanam: Kishkinda Kandam 1 (Padalam 4)
Kamba Ramayanam: Kishkinda Kandam 1 (Padalam 5)
Kamba Ramayanam: Kishkinda Kandam 1 (Padalam 6)
Kamba Ramayanam: Kishkinda Kandam 2 (Padalam 7)
Kamba Ramayanam: Kishkinda Kandam 2 (Padalam 8)
Kamba Ramayanam: Kishkinda Kandam 3 (Padalam 9)
Kamba Ramayanam: Kishkinda Kandam 3 (Padalam 10)
Kamba Ramayanam: Kishkinda Kandam 4 (Padalam 11)
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Kamba Ramayanam: Kishkinda Kandam 5 (Padalam 15)
Kamba Ramayanam: Kishkinda Kandam 5 (Padalam 16)
Sundara Kandam
Kamba Ramayanam: Sundara Kandam 1 (Padalam 1)
Kamba Ramayanam: Sundara Kandam 1 (Padalam 2)
Kamba Ramayanam: Sundara Kandam 2 (Padalam 3)
Kamba Ramayanam: Sundara Kandam 2 (Padalam 4)
Kamba Ramayanam: Sundara Kandam 3 (Padalam 5)
Kamba Ramayanam: Sundara Kandam 3 (Padalam 6)
Kamba Ramayanam: Sundara Kandam 3 (Padalam 7)
Kamba Ramayanam: Sundara Kandam 3 (Padalam 8)
Kamba Ramayanam: Sundara Kandam 4 (Padalam 9)
Kamba Ramayanam: Sundara Kandam 4 (Padalam 10)
Kamba Ramayanam: Sundara Kandam 4 (Padalam 11)
Kamba Ramayanam: Sundara Kandam 5 (Padalam 12)
Kamba Ramayanam: Sundara Kandam 5 (Padalam 13)
Kamba Ramayanam: Sundara Kandam 5 (Padalam 14)
Yudha Kandam
Kamba Ramayanam: Yudha Kandam 1 (Padalam 1)
Kamba Ramayanam: Yudha Kandam 1 (Padalam 2)
Kamba Ramayanam: Yudha Kandam 1 (Padalam 3)
Kamba Ramayanam: Yudha Kandam 2 (Padalam 4)
Kamba Ramayanam: Yudha Kandam 2 (Padalam 5)
Kamba Ramayanam: Yudha Kandam 2 (Padalam 6)
Kamba Ramayanam: Yudha Kandam 3 (Padalam 7)
Kamba Ramayanam: Yudha Kandam 3 (Padalam 8)
Kamba Ramayanam: Yudha Kandam 3 (Padalam 9)
Kamba Ramayanam: Yudha Kandam 3 (Padalam 10)
Kamba Ramayanam: Yudha Kandam 3 (Padalam 11)
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Kamba Ramayanam: Yudha Kandam 14 (Padalam 36)
Kamba Ramayanam: Yudha Kandam 15 (Padalam 37)
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